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Oct 31, 2013 05:57 PM

Southern Indian Food

Going to be in Detroit for a few days coming up(Nov. 3-6). Staying in Livonia. Where's the best place for southern Indian food on Orchard Lake Rd. or there about?

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  1. Dunno if NeeHee's is southern or northern ... It is Indian street food. Unlike anything I find in most Ibdian restaurants.

    It is located in Canton, convenient to Livonia.

    1. Try Udipi on Orchard Lake Rd. South Indian Vegetarian.

      Neehee's is great - all vegetarian. North and South Indian and Indo-Chinese in Canton.

      1. You're going to hear a *lot* of praise about Neehee's around these parts, because it's well-earned. I, too, have no idea about whether it's southern Indian or not, but the very-tasty-and-well-pulled-off menu is quite extensive, affordable, and it's a slayer of the "I'm not eating that if it doesn't have meat!" crowd. Truly: you don't miss meat when you're there.

        Do *not* forget their ice cream, either. Marvelous. The ginger, the fig, and the chocolate are all worth the money and time. Mix up the chocolate and ginger for great results!

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          Old post I know, but just to add my 2 cents.

          Neehee's a good, I love their Gobi Machurian HOWEVER, if you are a Naan lover you won't find any here. The food is great, but sometimes no Naan is a show stopper =)