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Oct 31, 2013 05:40 PM

Roncesvalles area

Hello all,

I just did a search and I couldn't find any recent threads dedicated to options in Roncesvalles (for dinner).

I am going to be in the area tomorrow night (checking out the Pumpkin Parade in Saureen (sp?) park which is a lot of fun BTW!).

I have been to Barque for take out before and been to HEY for brunch before but besides that I haven't really dined in the area or explored it much. Any particular suggestions?

My friend is more of a meat/potato kind of guy.

A relative went to Pizza Defina during the summer and said she really liked it. ... Not sure if it is worth a meal at though.

Anyway, I like expanding his horizons a bit and trying some interesting food that isn't too out there for him. I was even thinking Rude Boy for a burger but based on recent reviews on the cost figure it is better to spend that kind of money on a sit down meal and get something better.

Looking for something not too expensive but feel free to recommend anything/everything.

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  1. Cafe Polonez for seriously awesome Eastern European food. I am completely in love with their Hungarian crepe with goulash (think a thin, crispy potato pancake filled with a rich pork stew). Excellent soups, pierogies, etc.

    Fair warning, the words "trendy" and "hipster" could never, ever, ever be applied to this place. But it's always packed for good reason.

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      Thanks! I think Cafe Polonez it is. It is close by the park too and fits the bill in the other areas.

    2. There was recently this thread on Sushi Nomi:

      Not sure if that might be too out there for him, though.

      If the's a meat and potatoes guy, though, you really, really can't go wrong with Cafe Polonez, as TorontoJo suggested. It's fantabulous, inexpensive and different enough to be interesting.

      1. +1 for Cafe Polonez
        Maybe Parts & Labour on Queen?

        1. La Cubana just opened up on Roncy. It's from the people behind Deluxe. Here's a link to the chowhound thread:

          1. I just moved to the area and have spent the last couple of months exploring the restos so here's my take.

            If he's a meat and potatoes guy you can't go wrong with Barque. It's fantastic and enough options that you can get in quite a few excellent veggies as well.

            Pizza Defina is quite good with a strong selection of pizzas of course, but also quite decent apps and other mains. Definitely worth a meal :) Note that they don't take reservations.

            The Ace is more low key, but really good comfort food. Highly recommend it if you're looking for something more relaxed but they don't take reservations also.

            Dizzy's also has very well done pub food - their burger is excellent.

            Hope this helps!