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Oct 31, 2013 05:32 PM

How do you determine what gets edited?

Why are words like 'fucking' and others allowed but innocent banter between posters is deleted?

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  1. We don't generally moderate profanity purely because of the profanity. If it's used in anger or directed at other people, then we will remove it.

    We try to leave up some banter, but some side conversations get to the point where they're taking over a thread and that can end up driving out the conversation from people who are actually talking about food. People get email notifications every time one of those posts goes up, or the thread shows up on their profile as having new replies and then they open it, expecting food info and instead just get jokes back and forth between the same couple of people -- it can be frustrating and annoying. So, it's a difficult balance to find -- we don't want to moderate all the friendliness and personality out of the site, but it is important for threads to say somewhat focused and on-topic, as well.

    1. For me, I edit based on grammar, spelling - or just not not being polite.

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        I think the OP was referring to the actions of the moderators, not other posters.