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Corte Madera/Larkspur - is there much going on there Chow-wise?

Our daughter and family are in the process of moving from the city to Corte Madera. We're going down for a week or so to tear out their kitchen and whatever else they want done. I've done a good bit of searching and don't see a lot in the area. Am wondering if there's anything really Chow-worthy and moderately or even inexpensively priced in the Corte Madera/Larkspur area? We'll definitely be going into the city a time or two but it would be nice to not have to cross the bridge every day. TIA.

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  1. Emporio Rulli is great.

    Pizzeria Picco is a sibling of Zero Zero in SF.

    People have posted reports on Picco, Belcamo Meat Co., Sushi Ko, Marin Joe's

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    1. MHBB off Sir Francis Drake is not that far away. Great bread and pastries and other stuff too.
      There is a farmer's market on Saturdays in that mallish thing across from the Ferry.

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          Yes, sorry for the vague reference. The bread is very good. And I couldn't remember what town it's in.

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            It's funny. We live at Lake Tahoe and bring our local sourdough to our SF daughter :)

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              Their Croissants are also very good.

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              MHBB (in San Anselmo) is one of my favorite lunch places in Marin.


              Farm House Local in downtown Larkspur (also new this year) is another favorite for breakfast and lunch.


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                Farm House Local sounds and looks fantastic! Need to check it our for sure. Thanks.

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              About M.H. Bread and Butter: I believe baker worked with Chad Robertson at Tartine and fine bread shows its lineage. Croissant and scones also fine. I have not tried lunches but Chowhounds have had good things to say. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/903956
              By the way, it is in San Anselmo not Corte Madera or Larkspur, or the Twin Cities as they are known (by some). Also in San Anselmo are Lincoln Park and Insalata's, both recommended. And regarding farmer's markets: also not in "Twin Cities" but very highly recommended are at Marin Civic Center in San Anselmo on Sunday and Thursday mornings. World class.

            4. Table Cafe in Larkspur is great for lunch. Not just the dosas, but the fried oysters and the salads and soups.


              1. There are lots of inexpensive places in San Rafael, just to the north.

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                  Yeah, SR is good but not always wanting to head that way either. After so many years of living in the city (16th and Dolores at that!), there's going to be a BIG adjustment for them :)

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                    They'll adjust easier if they learn that their local area is all of central and southern Marin :-)

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                      Agreed! And that you go almost everywhere in your car :)

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                        Living in the Mission in the city = Walk. Living in Marin = Drive.

                        Here's a new Salvadoran place in San Rafael, the third place by the same family (others in San Pablo and Richmond), very good and very inexpensive.


                2. Right in Corte Madera is new-last-year Cafe Verde. I've been a few times and found it good, and a place that locals seem to like to hang out. I find myself going other places instead, though. But check it out.



                  1. At the north end of Larkspur (near Kentfield) is Rustic Bakery. You need to check it out. Very good pastries, croissants as good as they get (maybe tied with MHBB).


                    1. donut alley is a local favorite in Larkspur .... http://www.donutalley.com

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                        I was at Donut Alley a couple mornings ago, first time in a long time, and found that the French Cruller and Old Fashioned weren't as good as I remembered. They were just average, nothing to bring me back again. Has anyone been there recently?

                        1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

                          have to admit that I haven't been there in ages ...... thanks for the update.

                      2. Forgot to mention Blue Barn in the Town Center shopping center in Corte Madera (two other locations in the city). I've found the food there quite good, with really good ingredients.


                        1. Because it's in walking distance of their house we went to Il Fornaio. I hadn't known that it was the first one; assumed the Levi's Plaza one was. Because we had a two y.o. in tow we went about 530 and they were already busy with lots of reservations also. But they seated us pretty darn quickly and already had the high chair set up for the kidlet.


                          Bob and I shared the Caesar salad, the fritto misto and the Sformatino di Riso which copied from their menu is: "Black rice cake with Gorgonzola and fontina cheese, served over vellutata sauce topped with crispy Grana Padano chips. It was fantastic and I was sorry I had to share.

                          Our SIL had the canneloni which again from the menu is "Cannelloni al Forno Large fresh pasta tubes filled with free-range rotisserie chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta, pecorino, smoked mozzarella and organic spinach; topped with b├ęchamel, marinara and mushrooms.

                          Daughter and the rest of us shared a pizza, the Cristina, "Fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, shaved Grana Padano, mushrooms and wild arugula; drizzled with white truffle oil.

                          Although this is technically a chain I've never found fault with it and thought this dinner was terrific. I'm ready to go back for another of those 'rice cakes' and I'm not sharing :)