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Oct 31, 2013 03:41 PM

Thanksgiving Asheville/area suggestions?

We are not up to making the full spread this year but we are also leery of lousy Thanksgiving buffets. Any suggestions for a chow worthy Thanksgiving meal around Asheville?

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  1. This website shows a short list of restaurants open for Thanksgiving and says it will be adding more:

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    1. re: Windsor

      If you're just looking not to cook, (And don't need the "restaurant experience"), I'd consider picking up a turkey and sides from 12 Bones. Yum. From their website:
      12-14 lb. bird, fully cooked, 4 sides, gravy, sauce, rolls and pie
      Serves 4-6 people for $165
      Order by Friday, NOV 15th for Thanksgiving
      Pick up on Wed 11/27 or Fri 11/29

      1. re: miss piggy

        Luella's also does "bird and sides to go".

    2. Grove Park Inn...pricy but fabulous

      1. I know we're past Thanksgiving at this point, but Frog's Leap in Waynesville put on a great Thanksgiving dinner this year. Not the prix fix thing that so many places do for the holidays--their usual menu plus a wide variety of Thanksgiving specials ranging from turkey poutine to classic turkey-n-trimmings to glazed ham. We went with the classic dinner and it was fantastic. $19 for a huge amount of food. Highly recommended!