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Oct 31, 2013 03:05 PM

LA GUERRE DES FROMAGES QUI PUENT/The War of the Stinky Cheeses (FR, English Subtitles)

As we wind down North American cheese month, I wanted to share this TV documentary. It was fascinating to learn about the movement for artisanal American cheese through French eyes. It's nearly an hour long (took me three sittings to finish it), but well worth the time to view.

"This documentary, originally aired on France 5 television, investigates the explosion of artisanal and raw milk cheese production in North America even as it is increasingly threatened in France itself, historically the "Land of Cheese". Speaking to artisanal cheesemakers in France, America and Canada, as well as affineurs, cheesemongers, importers, educators, dairy scientists and people from all facets of the cheese business, we learn of the complex challenges facing the producers of artisanal cheese on both sides of the Atlantic, with equal measures of hope and concern for all involved.

The filmmakers spoke to many luminaries of the cheese world, including Hervé Mons and his team at Mons Affineurs, Rodolph Le Meunier, Matteo Kehler and the Cellars at Jasper Hill, Ann Saxelby, Larkin Cold Storage and Adam Moskowitz, Beechers NYC, Fromagerie Des Grondine, the American Cheese Society and many more."

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