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Oct 31, 2013 01:18 PM

DC dining for 4 nights?

I will be in DC for 4 nights, beginning tomorrow. While I lived there for years, I have been away for nearly 15. What are the must visits in the city proper? (I will be in Farragut West, going to the conference center every day). I am looking for good food, that isn't crazyily expensive (doesn't need to be Nora)!
Is the place still around in the Eastern Market that sells amazing crab cakes?
Is Jaleo still good?
Ethiopean/Erritrean recommendations?
What are the talked about places these days?

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  1. Market Lunch in Eastern Market is still there and the crabcakes are still very good.

    Jaleo is still very good, though it has gotten more expensive.

    Unlike when you lived here, there's a new restaurant opening in DC every couple of hours. What is 'talked about' changes continually. It's been crazy.

    1. The restaurant that's getting the most buzz right now is Rose's Luxury. The chef is a Momofuku and Husk alum. I haven't been there yet but I may be able to get you some more intel after this weekend.

      Little Serow should definitely be on your list if you like Northern Thai.