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Oct 31, 2013 12:10 PM

Danbury area diners: Mezon or Ibiza?

If you had to choose either Mezon or Ibiza for a dinner out with your SO - no occasion, just a regular ol' dinner out/date night thing - which would be your preference and why? I like the look/sound of things on both menus, but have no idea what to expect in terms of atmosphere, etc. Other than the last time we tried to go to Mezon, it was so loud we didn't even make it past the hostess stand before turning around and walking out. But that was right around when it first opened, so I want to give the benefit of the doubt and not rule it out based on that first noisy impression. Heck, for all I know Ibiza could be just as loud. In which case, I'll be looking for other local recs! :-)

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  1. Mezon is loud...especially on a Friday or Saturday night when the bar is busy...but it's still our first choice for dinner (particularly when the weather is nice enough to sit outside). We've had multiple great meals at Mezon - never ordered anything we weren't happy with (top pick from me is the Coco Invierno...for my SO it would be any of the ceviche options). We weren't bowled over by Ibiza and after two tries have not returned. So we accept the noise as part of the experience and try not to let it bother us.

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      Thanks for the input! Good to know. We ended up going to Mezon... it wasn't super busy or super loud and they put us in a lovely little side room that's separate from the bar area... and we had the room all to ourselves, which was lovely. And our server was terrifc - knowledgeable, personable and even had a sense of humor (or at least did a great job of pretending that he thought we were funny!)

      We loved the food. I can't remember all we ordered, but there was a specials menu item of seared scallops and chimichurri over crispy slices of fingerling potatoes, which was beautiful to look at and delicious. The Shrimp Cazuela was also terrific. Empanadas were pretty good, although I thought the crust could have been lighter and flakier... but the filling (beef) was tasty. I had the ceviche sampler as my main and I really liked all three versions, even though two of them aren't "true" ceviches (the shrimp and the crab are cooked). Fresh, flavorful and pretty. I took a few photos that I will have to upload another time...

      If we can sit in that quieter little side room or outside in nice weather, we'd definitely enjoy a return visit!

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        I'm so glad you had a good experience! This thread has me hungry for a return visit...maybe this weekend for us.