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Oct 31, 2013 11:21 AM

Need a good pre-race restaurant in Raleigh

We are heading down to Raleigh for the marathon this weekend and are looking for a decent, not terribly expensive place to eat a lot of carb-heavy food :)
Bonus points for somewhere with vegetarian options and double bonus points for someplace relatively close to where we're staying (Residence Inn Raleigh Crabtree Valley, 2200 Summit Park Lane Raleigh, North Carolina 27612). Thanks!

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  1. You are by the mall which is good and bad. Brio tuscan grille may be your best carb-heavy option. Depending on what you order it can be affordable. Of course Cheesecake factory will have lots of options for carb loading as well. But the mall zone there is just about all chain places. You have to head NW on Glenwood avenue for a little ways to get to other restaurant options nearby, but Sawasdee thai is great and it's off Glenwood.

    1. Pasta, pizza & flatbreads, plenty of veg. options at Bella Monica only a few miles from your hotel. It's small, so I suggest reservations.

      1. I don't know about carb loading but Sawasdee Thai may have something that will be spicy enough that you'll want to run faster to get to the finish?

        1. Casa Carbone on Glenwood Ave is an old school Italian place, not the best Italian food in town but very reasonable and would be good for getting lots of pasta and red gravy

          1. Thanks all. We tried to go to Bella Monica but they couldn't seat us until 9 which is obviously too late before an early race. And we didn't think Thai was a good idea (not even my husband, who is Thai) so we went the boring safe route and ate at Brio Tuscan. Nothing special but it was serviceable and met our needs to fill our bellies. We did get to go to Raleigh Times Bar for a post race beer and lunch which was pretty good (service was awful, but I think the food was good. Although after 26.2/13.1 miles anything would be good). Raleigh in general was really lovely. Hope to get back for a longer visit one day.