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Oct 31, 2013 10:58 AM

Do cans of Muir Glen tomatoes have BPA in them?

I read somewhere that the plastic lining inside cans of Muir Glen tomatoes have BPA in them... can anyone confirm or deny this with proof?

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  1. Some Googling reveals some info, which isn't "proof" or official in any way:

    The good news, according to the company, is that since October 2011 only BPA-free aluminum cans have been used for its tomato products (which are organic). The bad news is that cans of BPA are still present on store shelves, thanks to the products' 2 ½-year shelf life.

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      That's good to know cause there was a taste test done (I believe on Serious Eats) and Muir Glen came out on top over Pomi. But someone was concerned about BPA.

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        I'd find it hard to believe that cans at larger retailers have been sitting around for very long. Is it possible that there are older cans out there? Sure, but I doubt they'll be found in Whole Foods or any other major supermarket.

      2. Hi wheresthelove16, Patty here from the Muir Glen team. I wanted to directly respond to your question. As of October 2011, all Muir Glen canned tomato products are packaged using a can lining that is made without BPA. We often look to our fans to help inform product changes, and this is just one example. Additionally, our new labels that were rolled out starting with our Spring 2012 pack, communicate that the cans were made with a lining that does not contain BPA. – Patty, Muir Glen