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Oct 31, 2013 10:17 AM

If you had three meals left to eat in SF, where would you go?

I'm visiting SF for a work trip during the 2nd week of Nov and staying for 3 days after my trip. I'm looking for inspiration of where to eat.

If you had choose your last meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, where would you go to get for each one?

Also, I'm currently looking at going to The House, Bar Crudo, Skool, and House of Prime Rib. Seem like good choices?


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  1. Definitely not House of Prime Rib, unless you live somewhere where you can't get prime rib.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Ditto for Bar Crudo. They don't do anything horribly special with seafood that you can't find at other places in SF.

      1. re: bobabear

        Where are these other places? The only other place I can think of is Skool or maybe a fusion-y sushi place at double the cost like Roka Akor or Kabuto.

        Breakfast: B Patisserie
        Lunch: Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building

        Either Californian:
        Nopa, Frances, Baker & Banker

        Cotogna, Locanda, or Flour + Water

        or Tasting Menu:
        Benu or Quince

        1. re: bobabear

          It seems like Bar Crudo was once a darling but has fallen off a bit, at least that's what I gathered searching the board. That's why I have Skool on the list to.

          What would you recommend that is more unique to SF?

          1. re: rfk03

            What is it about Bar Crudo and Skool that attract you? That would help in recommending similar!

            1. re: bobabear

              if the OP doesn't reply, I would actually be curious about this. Where do you find unique and inspiring raw seafood preps? For that matter, cooked seafood preps?

              1. re: bobabear

                Just looking for a place with good seafood. I don't want it to be too upscale though because I'm traveling in a group of three, so an upscale place may be too intimate.

                1. re: rfk03

                  Good seafood not too upscale sounds like Yuet Lee(Cantonese) or Sotto Mare (cal-ital) to me.

                  1. re: little big al

                    sotto mare is more "san francisco italian", not much of a focus on organic ingredients so much as just italian classics with super fresh seafood, and cheap oysters at all hours.

                  2. re: rfk03

                    I'm a fan of Tataki (3 locations in SF, I go to the one in Glen Park). While it's a Japanese/sushi restaurant, they have a section of their menu for tataki: "exquisitely prepared fish lightly seared and paired with key ingredients to evoke deep harmonies in flavor." I really enjoyed their tataki dishes and they also have specials. In general, Tataki focuses on only serving sustainable fish.

                    Hog Island is also a personal favorite for the obvious - oysters - but I also enjoy their clam chowder (not thick chowder like you'd expect) and other fresh seafood dishes. Bonus is the view of the Bay Bridge on a nice day, and proximity to other bites in the Ferry Building.

                    Woodhouse (2 locations, prefer Fillmore since the neighborhood is a good walk after) has good "American" style seafood preps. I usually get whatever is on special.

                    Tadich Grill or Rose Pistola's or Sotto Mare for cioppino, which is an Italian style tomato-based fisherman's stew that's supposed to be a SF local dish.

                    Pesce also comes to mind

                    * worth noting that my recommendations are based on OP wanting somewhere with good seafood, not too intimate. My recs are *not* "where I would go instead of Bar Crudo if it were closed."

                    1. re: rfk03

                      I personally still like Bar Crudo very much. I don't know if i'd make it a last meal, but....

                    2. re: bobabear

                      bar crudo has the best chowder in SF, hands-down. also, the lobster and burrata is one of the more innovative lobster preparations i've seen in a restaurant (and well-priced too). given how easy it is to cook lobster at home, if i'm going to spend money on it in a restaurant, i want them to be doing something creative.

              2. This would be my itinerary.

                Breakfast: Egg Tarts at Golden Gate paired with abalone congee up the street at Yee's.

                Lunch: Beer Battered Tilapia Taco w/a side of carne asada fries at Garaje

                Dinner: one of everything at State Bird Provisions

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                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    I've seen those. Been there last month, and it was (to me anyway) just like I remembered.

                    Is it the best SF has to offer? Not if one polls the hoi polloi or cognoscenti on these things, but that's not necessarily what I am after.

                    I am looking for egg tarts (and a salty, briny bowl of congee) that I like. And that, for me, is all that matters if I'm looking for *my* last meals in the city.

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      Were the tarts you got last month still warm from the oven?

                      1. re: Robert Lauriston

                        Yes, out of the oven, but it was first thing in the morning. Left my hotel at around 7:30 and walked up the hill.

                      2. re: ipsedixit

                        Forgive a pedantic old classicist, but hoi polloi (no definite article required since hoi = the) actually means "the masses". I'm not sure that is what you meant.
                        But I am glad that you found GGP open. I also enjoyed my last dan tat there some months ago. It was still warm.

                        1. re: little big al

                          "the masses" (and not "the the masses") is what I meant.

                          Thanks for the correction.

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            Remember Calvin Trillin's mythical restaurant "The Casa Della Maison House, Continental Cuisine"?

                  2. Breakfast: Perfect fried eggs and merguez at Chez Maman on Potrero Hill.

                    Lunch: Oysters and Louis Salad at Swan Oyster Bar

                    Dinner; La Folie or Kiss or Ino Sushi or Izakaya Yuzuki

                    1. If it was my last day on earth,

                      1. Brunch at Blue Bottle Mint Plaza. Syphon + Toad in a hole. I never like a big breakfast and there will be a lot of eating later in the day.

                      2. Lunch. Should be comforting. Would actually take a sentimental favorite: Sandwich at Hazel's on Portrero Hill. Assuming it's sunny and there's Farley's to sit and read at. Otherwise I'd see if the burger grill is on at Zeitgeist (only fires early on weekends, I think). Maybe I would trip out to Spices II.

                      3. Mid day snack - has to be as many mission tacos as can be eaten, with some birite thrown in.

                      4. Cocktail hour. Again, sentimental favorites, would have to be Dalva + Cassanova. There are better cocktails in the city, but those place have fond memories.

                      5. Dinner. Have to be a big tasting menu that goes on forever (no next day to worry about). That'll be Manresa, but if we're in the city, it'll be Saison or Crenn. Going down from there is Coi and Benu.

                      6. Midnight snack. Apple Fritter at Happy Doughnuts at the corner of 3rd and King. That place clearly has a gateway to purgatory, so easy entrance to the underworld.

                      This has no good relation to what I would recommend to the OP. It's a personal list.

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                      1. re: bbulkow

                        Honoured to follow in bbulkow's footsteps :-). All of this eating would be done with my auxiliary stomach, the SO, of course. I'd start at BB Mint Plaza too, though I'd have to go for their New Orleans coffee. I can have a sweetened iced beverage for breaky, for tomorrow...

                        Cotogna for first lunch, definitely a sformato, some gnocchi and another app.

                        Bao Necci for a pie because it's Saturday, then a plate of simply prepared petrale almost-next-door at Sotto Mare.

                        Skool for the uni flan then Mission Bowling for a happy hour burger and a cocktail.

                        Teleport from Old Mandarin (extremely hot pepper dish) to Little Yangon (pickled shrimp) to Vientiane (nem khao and Lao sausage) to Miss Ollie's (cocktail and fried chicken) to La Ciccia (octopus in amazing red sauce) for the best progressive dinnah evah.

                        Die happy.

                      2. i'm not sure about breakfast since i rarely go out for it...
                        Lunch... not sure about that either.
                        but for the sake of nostalgia, I'd choose somewhere on Belden Place for lunch. Most likely appetizers from B44. It's just a great place to while away an afternoon.

                        Dinner: No question - Atelier Crenn.

                        The House is not a last meal kind of place to me either.

                        ETA: oh wait, i misread. HOPR, The House, Bar Crudo and Skool are not your "last meal" picks, just other considerations, right?

                        i might do Foreign Cinema's brunch for my last bfast.