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Oct 31, 2013 09:48 AM

How to store cooked squash

I am very new to winter squash and bought an acorn squash which I have found a few recipes for but it'd be nice to cook it ahead of time and have some available for salad or frittatas, etc. What's the best way to store it after roasting? Can it be frozen?

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  1. Yes, you can freeze it but preferably mashed (without any added seasoning or liquid is fine). If you freeze chunks they will be soft/mushy after thawing.

    Or prep it raw, to the point of cubes or dice, and freeze that.

    1. I have roasted the entire acorn squash, and then wrapped the leftover half really well in plastic wrap, and ate it within four days.
      Frozen after its roasted would be fine for soup but not so yummy on a salad (soggy mushy texture)

      1. How far out do you want to keep them? They will hold fresh for months in a cool place.

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          I was just getting a sense of how long I could keep them. For now it's been in the bottom of a cabinet for 2 weeks.

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            Yes,a cool dry place.I've kept them at least a month or more.

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              As long as they are not bruised, and the skin is intact, hard squash not only keeps well, it actually improves. You'll notice that, for example, a butternut picked late summer to early fall and used soon after will be have a greenish layer right below the skin, may taste a tad watery, and will not be particularly sweet. Buy one in November or later and it will be usable right away, with deeper color and flavor. I'd want there to be air circulation, so wouldn't keep it in a cabinet unless it is a large one. Also, having it where I can see it ensures that I'll examine it periodically for any deterioration - in which case cut it up, discard any spoiled portions, and cook it pronto

          2. Squash freezes beautifully when roasted and mashed.