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Oct 31, 2013 09:03 AM

Fat Dog

Any hounds been here? Chowhounds that is. It is apparently a dog friendly gastropub with a footlong beef dog, microbrews and other interesting stuff on the always looking for a place for my whole pack - dogs, wife, kid and me.

801 N. Fairfax

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  1. I've been there several times for brunch and a few times for dinner. If you're there at brunch, the short rib hash is amazing. They also offer some dishes (sausage board and burger) using meat from Lindy & Grundy next door. I can't speak to the entire menu, as I usually go for the same few items (short rib hash/sandwich, chop salad or the burger), but what I've had has been consistently tasty. I have a friend who swears by the steak, but I've never tried it.

    The dishes do tend to be a little on the heavier side, if that's a consideration. Interesting cocktails, too. Anyhow, I'd recommend checking it out. We've brought our dog a few times and he's always happy to sit out under the umbrella while we stuff our faces.

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      thanks Missy-that short rib hash sounds great. Being next to that butcher shop must be a plus -- i'll be going there soon

    2. I've been a few times. Food was fine. Staff was very nice. Nice group of folks on the patio with their dogs. And I LOVE Linday & Grundy next door. When I meet a friend there, I buy dog bones from them for her pup!

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        thanks perk for the response - sounds like a good hang

      2. I LOVE their Cesar salad... it used to be Baby Spinach... now it's Brussel Sprouts... SO GOOD and topped with a poached egg...


        1. I've been a bunch of times for there happy hour. The drinks run from 3$ beer 5$ wine and they usually have a cocktail choice. There food is good and I think its about 5 dollars for sliders, hotdogs, and about 8 other items.. I've had their burgers and sweet potato fries. At happy hour, they give you roasted almonds with rosemary. They're tasty,too. It's solid good food with a chill vibe.

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            how are the dogs? the hot ones? im tempted bigtime by a monster all beef dog if natural casing

            1. re: jessejames

              I can't answer the dog question. I'd give them a ring and ask them. They do tend to source quality ingredients. However, the hot wings are great and on the Happy Hour menu.

          2. Right next to the Coffee Commissary, which I frequent. Have had food form there incidentally a bunch of times because people I've at the Commissary wanted some food in addition to coffee. Have never really been wowed by anything I've tried there, but nothing ever struck me as awful either.

            It is pretty dog friendly though, that can be a major plus if you like dining out with your dog.

            I wouldn't expect to be wowed by the food, but it's probably a good place to bring your dog and grab a burger and some sweet potato fries.

            if you're into coffee, the commissary next door makes some of the best in LA. And Lindy and Grundy is the best butcher shop in LA, as others have said.

            Of course if you go on Sunday, Lindy and Grundy does some rather incredible BBQ (they also do daily cold sandwiches).