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Oct 31, 2013 07:55 AM

DC with a group

Hello, It's been awhile since I've been on Chowhound, but it has been the best place to find information for traveling to new cities. I will be in DC with my kids and husband and my mom and 5 of her midwestern sisters in their 50s-70s. They are staying in Dupont Circle, and we'd like to have a dinner for the 10 of us but not spend too much. After some searching online, I found Pizza Paradiso which doesn't take reservations, Clyde's which might be very touristy, but everything else seems a bit expensive for our group. I'm thinking bbq, pub food, pizza or something equally casual to bring prices down. Any good suggestions for places for near Dupont Circle? Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. it's below Dupont Circle - more K Street-ish/Washington Circle, but we took a group of MN sisters in that demographic to el Chalan a few years ago, just off-beat enough to be interesting for them, but not so challenging (or spicy) as to be 'weird'.

    have a few beers or whatever over at Elephant and Castle before.

    it's always been good although not terribly exciting, but it doesn't sound like you're looking for 'exciting'.

    1. Pizzeria Paradisio is good, but you are right, it will be a challenge with a group that size. You could try Urbana (which has pizzas, sandwiches, roast chicken etc) but it might be above the price you were looking for. Another option would be Vapiano (no reservations but good for groups.) You order at a counter and then take your food to your table. Pizza, pastas and salads.

      You might consider traveling outside of Dupont to an area with more choices. The city is very metro accessible. If you take the redline to Metro Center you can go to The Hamilton, which is owned by the same people as Clyde's but I find the food much better. It's also very close to the White House.

      For BBQ take the metro to Gallery Place Chinatown and go to Hill Country BBQ.

      1. You know, some places WILL take reservations for large groups so if there is someplace you want to go, can't hurt to give them a call. That being said, I would bother with Clyde's.
        How about Lebanese Taverna - not too expensive, it is different but not enough to put off people who might not have tried that cuisine before. Or DGS Delicatessen - an upscale deli based (IMHO) more on the Montreal than NY traditional style. Or Banana Leaves, which is pan-Asian.

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          Yes DGS is a great rec near DuPont. They also have a delicious brunch.

          Sichuan Pavilion in Farragut is also good for casual Chinese food and walking distance it DuPont.

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            Kind of hard to talk - very noisy, long communal-type tables. Unless you sit downstairs in The Abbey.

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              I don't think St. Arnold's is any less (or more) noisy than Pizza Paradiso and/or Clyde's.

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                True, but I didn't and wouldn't recommend Pizza Paradiso or Clydes! and I see OP has chosen The Hamilton - so not quiet. Maybe we should start a list of places to go when you really don't feel like talking to your companions. It would be a long list.

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                  In the Hamilton it really depends where you sit. It certainly isn't as loud as a lot of other places. I see tons of people holding work meetings at the Hamilton (and have myself as well).

          2. Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions. After googling menus, I think The Hamilton might be the most comfortable for everyone in our group. It is only about a 20 minute walk from both hotels, and we were able to get a reservation for 10 of us on a Friday night. Thanks so much! I love Chowhound.

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              Try the salmon burger. It's delicious!