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Oct 31, 2013 07:01 AM

Lunch/dinner for 1 suggestions in Quebec city

Hello Chowhound.

I'll be in Quebec city for just a few days and eating along. I would be grateful for a recommendation for lunch/dinner which is ideally: affordable, distinct to Quebec city, and accessible quickly by taxi or public transport from the Alt Hôtel in Sainte-Foy. The closer, the better.

Also, how's the food scene here in general? I lived in Montreal for years and loved it and may have an opportunity to call Quebec city home. I prefer rustic, local, neighborhood places. This this a decent city for that?


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  1. Hi The Chemist,

    Sainte-Foy is not near any interesting"food scene area". A taxi ride would cost around 20$ to get in the city. You can also easily take the "Metrobus 800 or 801" (depending of the day 30-40 minutes ride).

    I myself live part of the week in Montreal, part of the week in Quebec City. The food scene in Quebec is nothing to compare to the one in Montreal. It's mostly french roots restaurants, from bistro to more fancy ones.

    I have made a few suggestions in another thread that you might want to take a look at :

    I'll be happy to give you more local tips if you move in the Capital (if you can bear my approximative english writing!).


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    1. The Bistango (at the Alt Hotel) is OK bistro-ish food; might not be distinct to Québec City...

      Other than that, you will have to go "downtown" (see vabou's post).