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Oct 31, 2013 03:03 AM

Quiet, American cuisine, choices for non-fish eaters...

Two of our party of 4 do not eat fish. So, looking for basically American
cuisine, varied menu, no ethnic, as our friends are not adventuresome at all. They like The Tavern in Bala, which would probably be fine, but we have been there twice already.

Any other suggestions? Sort of the kind of place you would go to often,
even if you weren't a fish eater, Which I am... Any location, with parking
available, no chains. We're going early, so quiet isn't as big an issue at 5:30pm.

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    1. The Springhouse Tavern at the intersection of Sumneytown and Bethlehem Pikes in Springhouse just outside of Ambler may fit the bill. Good food, meat and seafood in a old stage coach stop Inn. Your request for a quiet table should do the trick. Also one mile West on Sumneytown is the Wm Penn Inn which has a tavern section and is most often a fail safe choice with a diverse menu and excellent service, reservations at both even with an early arrival.

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        In thinking of the old school inns in Mont Co, I would throw in the Broad Axe Tavern as well as the Joseph Ambler Inn. Each of these would meet your cuisine criteria.

      2. How far can you drive?
        One of our regular places is Moonstruck, in the northeast.
        It is very attractive, really lovely. Small rooms with about 4 tables to a room, comfortable chairs, low noise level.
        The food is quite good and the prices are moderate.
        There is a parking lot adjacent, though we usually just do the easy street parking.
        Look at the menu online. We find it hard to resist the calves liver with bacon and onions, but we have had some very good chicken dishes there also.
        Takes us about 35 minutes from center city.

        1. All these suggestions sound like what I was hoping for, but
          Moonstruck which was a go-to place back when we lived in the Northeast is an appealing prospect. We are also familiar with the road patterns, and that would be an easy drive. But,
          I'm going to leave the final choice to our friends after they check out the menus online.

          Thanks for the thoughtful answers to our situation all.

          1. Funny how this turned out. Driving past Jack's Firehouse
            in Fairmount with our friends in the car, I was asked if I like it.
            That is the only neighborhood restaurant we've never been to, and given that our friends like it so much, we settled on
            a walking- distance place to have our dinner.

            Thanks for all your good suggestions. We'll try the out another time.

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            1. re: Bashful3

              Walking to Jack's Firehouse did the trick, really. Not sure how I got the idea you were looking outside the city. Funny indeed.