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Oct 30, 2013 08:34 PM

Help me find pizza!

Help! I am at wits' end. I am hoping you can help me with my Great Pizza Dilemma.

I just moved to LA from New Jersey. I am a pizza fanatic and I'm very particular (OK, a little crazed) about my pizza. It must be a big, floppy, greasy, cheesy New York style slice. I will accept no substitutes. Places like Pizzeria Mozza or Masa are nice, I even like them, but it ain't pizza.

To that end, I've been going to pizza places all over town looking for the right place, but I haven't quite found it yet, so I wanted to ask for suggestions. I have tried these places and while they were all very good, they weren't didn't quite hit my hit my "this is it! This is the perfect pizza!" button, (so i.e. suggest a place other than one of these):



Joe's in Santa Monica

Joe's in Hollywood

Valentino's in Manhattan Beach


Village Pizzeria (both locations)

So my question is: where can I get a big, greasy, floppy, New York style pizza slice or pie other than these places I've mentioned? I especially like places that know how to put to on extra cheese: this is a picture of precisely what I have in mind.

And please no philosophical discussions about whether I have the "right" taste in pizza; you can argue that Mozza is better all day and I won't be convinced; I'm too far gone for that. I just want to find a place that has the kind of pizza I described for myself, I'm not saying it's what everyone on the planet should be eating.

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  1. Based on your last paragraph, I know you know that your "it ain't pizza" really means "it ain't the kind of pizza I'm looking for", unlike the OP in this thread ( who insisted L.A. didn't have any "REAL" Italian and meant it, but someone is probably still gonna pick on the "it ain't pizza" line...

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      I've never eaten pizza in New York, so this may be completely wrong but from the good Captain's description I think this might be closer to what he's looking for. I've had pizza at Amalfi on La Brea (eaten upstairs at Room 5) and they have pretty thin crusted pizzas baked on a wood fired oven. The slices are pretty floppy and the pizza is a bit greasy. You only get a pies that are sliced, but no single slices. If you're in the area you might give it a shot.

    2. I thought I replied to this yesterday but here goes. I recommend Brooklyn Pizza on Tampa just south of Saticoy if you're in the Valley. I also recommend Enzo's on Weyburn in Westwood Village.

      Brooklyn Pizza is a real hole in the wall. Probably my favorite pizza in California. I'm not a fan of designer or haute cuisine pizza so the appeal of Mozza is lost on me. LOL

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      1. re: Kate is always hungry

        Sometimes the best pizzas at the mid-to-high end pizza places like Mozza, Stella Barra, Settabello, Sotto, and even more affordable places like 800 degrees, are the Margherita with simple but really good quality ingredients. Many (most?) are Neapolitan style, which is different than New York style, but I wouldn't say they're designer or haute cuisine just because of that.

        1. re: PeterCC

          I liked the pizza I had at 800 Degrees and Pizza Rev. They were, of course, Margherita or just simple cheese and tomato sauce. I just can't get into other things on my pizza. Go figure!

          1. re: Kate is always hungry

            Depends on my mood. Sometimes I like a simple pizza. Sometimes I want all kinds of crap on my pizza. :-)

          1. re: Jack Flash

            You can request a thin crust at Petrillo's but, it still ain't a NY pie.

            1. re: JAB

              Its freek'in delicious. Get the Petrillo's Special.

              1. re: bringiton

                You don't have to sell me. I'm a believer but, again it's no NY pie.

        1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the fact is that there really aren't any great examples (that I'm aware of) of the type of pie you crave. I've had the kind of pizza you like, back east, and unfortunately Vito's and LaMonica's are about the best there is of that species (I haven't been to either Joe's outpost, and that supposedly has an east coast pedigree).

          There's a place out in Pasadena called Brothers' Pies & Fries. Leave aside the gimmicky name and menu, and concentrate on what actually matters (the food). I think they do a credible slice.

          1. You want it super cheesy and greasy? Sounds like you're crying out for Joe Peeps.

            12460 Magnolia Blvd. Valley Village, CA 91607


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            1. re: Arthur

              I love fucking Joe Peeps. But why haven't I been back sooner ?

              Anyhow, I don't think it's really a NY style slice.

              1. re: kevin

                I also love Joe Peep's and, you're right, it isn't the greasy, floppy mouth-burning New Haven/NY pizza. I was hoping they could make a clam pie for me but, alas, they couldn't.

                1. re: mucho gordo

                  they have a thin crust called the blue collar special that might but up the op's alley.

                  by the description of big and floppy, i'd think grecos may be the place. there's also pagliacci's