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Apr 4, 2005 03:53 PM

Austin - Goings On

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There is a new carniceria at the intersection of Lamar and Aiport (can't remember the name). I was on my bike riding by, so I stopped in an talked to the owner. He has good prices on short ribs, pork costillas, and he has cabrito - he says that it comes in on mondays (I guess they slaughter over the weekends). Fire up the pit!

The new Bismallah is right next door - they have the best chicken tikka that i've ever had.

In the same strip mall there is a Caribbean/African cafe - Afia. Anyone been there?

I stopped by the Korean "Burger House" on Lamar (same area). They have all different types of burgers, of course, but they also have Korean dishes such as bulgoki, etc. There is also a "Korean Restaurant: in the same strip, but it was also closed and I couldn't see the menu. I peeked into the Korean grocery - it's very clean, but there isn't a lot of produce.

What's the deal with the new Asian themed mult-acre development WAAY up on North Lamar (out by Walnut Creek park)?

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  1. This was in today's Austin Business Journal-looks like a new Asian Market, restaurants, etc:


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      Jim Washburn

      The new carniceria has "Aztec" or "Azteca" in the name, I think. Can't remember for sure. I went to the old Bismillah on Anderson several times and thought it was excellent. Have to try the new one. I ate at that Korean restaurant at Lamar and Justin last Friday. I don't know much about Korean food. The no. 4 was good, and I intend to go back and try a soup next time. The grocery store next door may not have all that much produce, but they have a gazillion kinds of frozen seafood. Lots of other interesting stuff, too. Can't wait to see the big new My Thanh.