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Oct 30, 2013 07:40 PM

60th birthday destination

I celebrated my 50th in London with 12 female friends. With my 60th coming up in early 2014 I am very late in making plans. This time there will be spouses and my twenty-something sons and goddaughter traveling along. We are limited to a week due to my professor husband's teaching schedule. I want a good food destination with some activities for everyone to enjoy. We live in St Petersburg FL and have visited New Orleans too recently for that to be an option. Also out are Chicago and Colorado. Some friends have suggested Disney or Las Vegas both of which caused me to recoil, but was I too swift to judge? What are other recommended destinations that are interesting and/or fun and foodie within an easy days travel from San Francisco, NYC, Wash DC, Charlotte and FL?

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  1. In order of preference

    Los Angeles

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      Thanks. I Was thinking about Portland. Any specific recommendations re: hotels, restaurants and such.

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        I travel to Portland more for business than pleasure, so I'm probably not the best resource if you're planning a b-day bash.

        But I usually like to stay at the Nines, partly because they have nice large working desks in the suites, and a really well-equipped fitness center. I've heard good things about the Heatherman Hotel, but have never stayed there. If you are a Kimpton member, you'll have lots of choices in/around downtown Portland, incl. the Nines, Vintage Plaza, Monaco, etc.

        For food, I would definitely recommend Woodsman Tavern, Ox, Ping, Andina, and Gravy. I think Screen Door is good for brunch, but not much else.

        If you go, definitely seek advice from the Portland board (it's not the most active boards but there's good info if you search and ask), and also try to get in on some pop-ups if you can.

        Good luck and and Happy Birthday.

    2. San Francisco is a must, but it is already on your destination. Richmond, Virgina is nice and is close to Washington DC. Philadelphia, PA is close to NYC, and is unique in its own way. Others are kind of out of the way.

      1. Vegas..stay at the Wynn
        Honolulu/Waikiki..Royal Hawaiian..Sheraton Waikiki
        San Francisco/Napa
        Sedona/PHX..Enchantment Resort..Royal Palms/Four Seasons/Princess Fairmont
        Cabo San Lucas..Palmilla/Pueblo Bonito
        Kauai..Marriott Waiohai..2 bdr/2. ba villas that are lovely on best beach and next to Red Salt, Josselins, Merrimans.. Aloha

        Traveling early 2014 means a lot of cold rainy weather to areas like Portland, DC, Seattle..unless that is something you might like.

        When flying to HNL/LIH from East Coast, you can break up trip with 3 days in SF/LAX or SD with direct flights and spend 4-5 days..5 hour flight to islands and fantastic food.

        1. I did 50 and 60 in Playa del Carmen, MX, but I have some history there. And a cat. Great food and winter/spring weather, cheap flights from Tampa to Cancun.

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            Thanks. We lived in Mexico for a year 2008-09 - Sna Miguel de Allende - and loved it and we've been to the Yucatan many times. You are correct. Mexico is wonderful despite the American press insistence that there is danger around every corner.

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              And really not much that affects visitors. I have nice memories of San Miguel de Allende as well, in particular the magnificent church on the square.

          2. What about Puerto Rico? I've never been, but my friends that have say there is fabulous food everywhere you turn.