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Oct 30, 2013 06:58 PM

Metro Cafe Diner Stone Mountain

I was very surprised that my Chowhound word search and topic search didn't uncover any threads discussing the Metro Cafe Diner on Rockbridge Road, just east of Stone Mountain. We were playing tourist at the Stone Mountain Park, on our way back to Athens, and were told to try this place. So glad we did!!! Great diner kind of place. The diner sandwiches, steak, Italian dishes that the folks around our table devoured were remarkable. And then we shared 1 piece of Red Velvet Cake with plenty for everyone. So, I am obviously recommending this place. However, I went onto another food/ restaurant kind of website and found a broad range of reactions, from strong likes and recommendations to even kind of negative. I will rave about the place. Anyone else jumping in?

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