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Oct 30, 2013 05:38 PM

Pain d'epice

Is there any place in manhattan where I could buy pain d'epice, a bread that is ubiquitous in France, but have yet to see here in Manhattan. For my wheat - allergic friend; I think it's made with rice flour . Surely some bakery, somewhere......

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  1. Sure there is -- just look for Gingerbread (which is what it is in English)

    It's absolutely NOT made with rice flour -- it's made with wheat flour in France.

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    1. re: sunshine842

      Thanks. My French Connection tells me (I'm monolingual myself,) that pain d'epice is, indeed, gingerbread; pain d'epices is something else entirely. However, I'll check the West 70 store, which is wonderfully convenient to me ( and Trader Joe).

      1. re: hlbones

        Gingerbread in North America is nothing like the pain d'epices sold in France. The pain d'epices is darker, richer, with less ginger and less sweet. It's delicious and I've never found anything like it in North America. I need to find an authentic French bakery.

        1. re: quof

          If you ever find this in nyc please update this thread! I adore gingerbread and the french version sounds great

        2. re: hlbones


          "Pain d'epice" means bread with spice.

          "Pain d'epices" just means there's more than one spice.

          It is not something else entirely -- it all comes down to which version/which recipe/which baker.

          1. re: sunshine842

            My point is - the names may translate, but they are not the same thing. I've eaten many versions of gingerbread in North America, and many versions of pain d'epices in France. They are entirely different foods.

            1. re: quof

              no, they're not -- there are some variations, but the ingredient lists are very, very close.

              I've eaten more than my fair share on both sides of the Atlantic, and there's good and crap on both sides....but they're all variations on a common theme.

      2. As mentioned that bread is not wheat or gluten free.

        Whole foods actually has a good selection of gluten free breads, and a fairly new bakery opened on 11th st that is all gf, including many breads (have not yet been myself)!m...

        1. You might try a place called....Pain d'Epices at 104 W 70th. It replaced Soutine in the same spot, and supposedly uses some of its old recipes. However I have no idea how they make their pain d'├ępices.

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          1. re: boredough

            For what it's worth, Wikipedia as well as many on-line recipes call for 'rye flour'....which the OP may have heard as 'rice flour'. Mystery solved?

              1. re: boredough

                The recipes i saw includes rye flour as well as regular wheat flour- which in my understanding is something the friend cannot have....