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Oct 30, 2013 05:24 PM

New Year's in Troy/Birmingham

Hello everyone,
We will be celebrating New Year's with a few families in the area. Looking for some suggestions as to places. There will be 5 or 6 children with us, 7 adults, ranging in age from 5 to 16. They are all good eaters and well-behaved so almost anywhere they have good food, atmosphere and service will do. All kinds of food, except Indian and Thai. Thanks.

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  1. For reference: is this for New Years Eve or for New Years Day?

    It does make a difference.

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    1. re: boagman

      Actually we will be there for both but looking for a New Years Eve dinner suggestion for starters. Thanks.

        1. re: RedTop

          As for budget - thinking mains around $20-$25ish, and as for "in the area" - maybe within 15 min drive of either Troy or Birmingham as we have people staying in both locations. Thanks.

          1. re: elasticwaistband

            I agree with your desire to come in at $30 or less per head, given all the kids. But, it will be impossible in Birmingham. Not even close. In Troy you may be able to squeak by at Camp Ticonderoga...not that I endorse their food. Also, you may want to check Maggiano's and Picano's. Maybe La Marsa for middle eastern or East Lake for Chinese. All these places have a very pleasant atmosphere, even if they don't put on an organized party. (In true desperation you could go to Buddy's Pizzeria.)

            1. re: VTB

              I guess I should be more clear. Was thinking mains around 25 so more like 40 - 50 a head, plus wine, tax and tip on top of that. Heck - it's New Years Eve:) Any recs for Birmingham based on that? I figure I need to secure a reservaation ASAP for 11 people.

      1. Go to Ike's on Van Dyke between 16 & 17 mile roads, Excellent Lebanese food with American options, Alcohol available, comfortable setting. You'll like it even though it's east of Troy. Birmingham is way too pricey for your request.

        Good luck!

        1. For years we have gone to Mitchell's on NYE. Lively with pretty decent seafood menu in downtown Birmingham.

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          1. re: Chulacat

            Mitchell's is a pretty decent call. Great location. Food never quite lives up to my hope, but it is never bad. Way better than nearby Fleming's steakhouse, which also does NYE. I was going to call Rugby Grill to learn about their price. Probably great for those who can afford it $$$ and would be more accepting of kids since they are in a hotel. Forest Grill might be worth checking for a couple, but not for kids (BTW they have a good sounding Thanksgiving takeout menu!). Beverly Hills Grill does NYE but doesnt accept reservations, so it's a jungle from 4 to 11pm and then people drag home to toast midnight. Maggiano's of Troy still may be the best bet IMO, but folks can't stroll afterwards.

          2. Thanks all. Made a reserve at Maggiano's though worried that it may not be that great. Looked at the menu and it looks like a lot of saucy pasta type dishes on the menu so I may change - with lots of kids it may work though.

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            1. re: elasticwaistband

              Maggiano's is a decent, lively place. It will be good with the kids. They have a family style set up that works well with a bunch of people. You might want to consider that.

              1. re: elasticwaistband

                Pounds & pounds of pasta. That's what you'll get.
                Did you check out the menu for Ike's? I've never had anyone not love the place!

                1. re: schaf1

                  That's what I was afraid of. What about Brio or Loccino? Any better? I am not sure about Middle Eastern food for this group but Ike's does look good for that.

                  1. re: elasticwaistband

                    I happen to like Ike's, but I don't recommend driving clear to Warren. If someone was going that far then there would be many options.
                    Loccino's is not great. Brio is in a mall and maybe not even open on NYE. My opinion is that Maggiano's is NOT a pasta-emphasis place. They have lots of meats. I'm not a champion of Maggiano's. I live on the Troy/BHam border and just think it fits the OP's description much better than other alternatives.

                2. re: elasticwaistband

                  Thanks again. What about Melting Pot or Benihana. Both places food-wise would suit.

                  1. re: elasticwaistband

                    Kind of gimmicky places, but kids have a lot of fun at both. Melting Pot is expensive (at least I thought it was a ripoff last time I went eight years ago).

                    1. re: VTB

                      Agreed, especially about Benihana. It's a popular destination for kids, but *not* for any bad reason at all. Believe it or not, even for a chain, I happily eat here. I had a chateaubriand there the last time I went, and honest-to-goodness: it was very good. Correctly prepared to the right wellness requested, very good flavor, and when coupled with the rest of the whole meal, along with the presentation, it works well. The show is entertaining for kids, but the food still works for me.

                      It's certainly not going to set the culinary world on fire, but it's not going to make you sorry you took everyone there, either. As much as I cringe about chains, this exception might fit the bill for you.