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Oct 30, 2013 05:09 PM

Baume vs. Manresa

Haven't been to either of them in over six months. Anyone eaten there recently and have an opinion?

It's for a dinner for younger folks, late 20's like creativity but not stuffiness but are happy to spend 3-4 hours on dinner and wine. They liked Creen, Quince and Benu, were split on Saison and Coi.

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  1. I have not been to Manresa, but I went to Baume in end of August. I felt the ambiance and location were weird and kind of stuffy/weird. I'm not a fan of the strange curtains and lighting, which kind of felt like I was waiting for a magician to show up and wow us. The service was formal and almost humorous in the way the waiter spoke with an incredibly stilted voice to describe the dishes.

    As for the food, the most creative of all the dishes I recall: the little "pill" they added water to and it became the hand towel. Haha not sure what that says about me or the food.

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      Yeah, those curtains are weird. I had the same feeling but couldn't put words to it and you've nailed it.

      In case you want more of the towels, I once rec'd these as a gag gift. Magic!

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        This must be a trend. I recently had a miserable meal at MacArthur's Restaurant in the Thayer Hotel (West Point, NY) and the best part of the meal was being introduced to those towels as well.

        Still, I've got Baume on my list of places I want to try. I went to Manresa a couple of years ago and enjoyed the meal. The wait staff didn't strike me as stuffy; the dishes were certainly creative.

      2. I've been to both.

        Manresa, hands down, and that's what my dining companions have said. Everything was pretty good, no dishes were terribly memorable. If you like subtle underplayed food, Baume might be a little better, but ....

        I think Baume might be more consistent, but consistently average ain't good.