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Buying portable induction burner in Montréal?

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Do any of you have experience with these? I'm looking for something I can examine and purchase here in Mtl, for a small household kitchen. Thanks.

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  1. How much do you want to spend? Despres Laporte has several models including a commercial Vollrath unit that's quite nice (also very $$$). There are several models at Deco Decouverte, and I think I've seen them being promoted in Canadian Tire flyers as well.

    I have a Viking which I purchased in the US but if I had to do it again, the Vollrath would get my nickels.

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      Ideally, not more than $100, but I'll look into a range of models. Després Laporte looks wonderful, and with the orange line to Montmorency,no longer hard to get to!

      I can't afford the Volrath at this point, but it looks extraordinary.

    2. I saw one a few days ago at Costco. I just walked by, so didn't see the details. Going by later, so will look into it for you.

      1. I don't have experience, but Canadian Tire has a $120 model

        I do have a friend who runs a small Mexican resto. I noticed his wife using an induction unit in the kitchen and asked him about it.
        He said it was an excellent addition to the kitchen and could not say enough good things about it.
        I did ask the price - all he said was that it was pricey, but that it WAS a commercial model. He had tried the household versions, but they didn't hold up in the kitchen.

        From this bit of unscientific information, it seems the induction concept is a good one.
        It would seem the commercial version would be the way to go.

        However, household and commercial use are two different animals. Many things will work just fine in your home, but won't stand up to commercial applications (microwaves, toasters, warmers are other small appliances that come to mind).

        Me thinks the less expensive unit is a good idea to get your feet wet.

        1. Just came back from Costco. They one they carry is Salton. for 59.99$ Don't know anything about that brand, but I'm sure google can inform you quite a bit.

          1. I've been very busy - thanks to all that have weighed in!

            1. One point to keep in mind is that the power of your unit is likely to be constrained by your electric circuit "amperage". I remember my unit being very powerful when plugged in the living room but a lot less so when plugged outside. My unit was bought on Amazon.com on a cross-border trip and costed about 70$ IIRC (MaxBurton). Both of the units got really handy during long kitchen, living room and everything else remodel...Wattage for portable units will all probably be around 1500/1800 Watts. Now, induction cooktop in the kitchen and couldn't be happier. When going back to gas or, gulp, coils, it seems to take forever to heat a pan or boil water...

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                Does that mean that it should be plugged into the outlet for the (full-size) stove, or something different? I don't want to blow out my electric circuits or set fire to my place!

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                  You can plug it into the outlet on the stove since that technically draws from the 220 plug the big unit is plugged into. However most can plug into a standard wall jack.

                  What you have to watch out for is what that circuit also supports in addition to the plug you're using. With my Viking I could routinely blow out select circuits at friends' places because they were overextended.

                  If where you're living has fairly old wiring, you'll probably want to be more careful as you're more likely to trip the breaker.