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Oct 30, 2013 04:56 PM

Favorite Fenway Park Food? LET'S GO SOX!!!!

Ok, so the food isn't all that....but can anyone believe our Red Sox have a chance to win the World Series tonight!?

......and actually, the Legal Seafood Clam Chowder doesn't suck on a cold October or April night!

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  1. This might be cheating, but as a kid, I loved when the vendor would wing a bag of peanuts at me, a dozen rows up in the stands, with Yaz-like accuracy. Awesome.

    GO SOX!!!

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    1. re: pinehurst

      the only place i go where i can just dump the peanut shells at my feet!


      1. re: hotoynoodle

        Good one!...but you have to get them in the little brown bag from the peanut vendor outside on Yawkee Way....not inside in the plastic bags.

      2. re: pinehurst

        They throw them 20+ rows now. I nearly got beaned on a missed catch on Wednesday!

      3. Sausage, of course. Lobster roll isn't bad either.

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        1. re: trufflehound

          Agreed on the lobster roll. Surprisingly good

          1. re: trufflehound

            I tried the Sausage Guy's fare on Game 6 and completely failed to understand the hoopla that this guy gets.

            Sausages (smaller than rivals') tossed on the grill frozen from a box, nearly empty condiment bottles, and standard onion and pepper mix.

            It was good - but I've had just as good or better at nearby stands.

            Why does this guy get so much love (so I can try to appreciate it next time)?

            1. re: CambridgeFoodie

              Better to go to Dr Pepper's stand and get the inner beauty treatment

          2. Tasty Burger! Pretty delicious :)

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            1. re: addiez

              This is the correct answer. Although the BBQ smoker in the RF corner is pretty good, too.

            2. Roasted cardinals, didn't you know?

              sorry, couldn't resist :)

              Get MIXX frozen yogurt after the game!

              1. Finally got to try the Sausage Connection the other day, man their inner beauty hot sauce was no joke. My lips were swollen after eating it.