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Oct 30, 2013 03:54 PM

Frozen acai pulp in greater Boston?

I'm told some Brazilian grocery stores may sell acai pulp, but I could use some help in narrowing down the options. Has anyone seen it locally?

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  1. hahaha, with that moniker, you have my allegiance for life! itaunas will know the answer to this. i can at least say that i have found a particularly large assortment of frozen fruit pulps at the (itaunas-recommended) small Brazilian grocery on Bow St, Union Sq. You pass Capone's on your left (Bow is one way) and this little place (also a butcher iirc) is on the left at the end of Bow as you round the corner...

    1. It's been quite a while but I bought some at Whole Foods. Unsweetened, in small packs intended to be used for smoothies.

      1. When I need frozen fruit purees, I go to Christina's Spice & Specialty Foods in Inman Square, which carries the Boiron line (pricey but high quality -- most of their stock goes to local restaurant pastry chefs). I don't think they have an açaí flavor, though.