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Oct 30, 2013 03:44 PM

Lee's Kitchen In Torrance Isn't As Bad As They Say

Finally got around to visiting Lee's Kitchen in the Ramada Inn on PCH in Torrance, which replaced the highly regarded Shanghai Palace. The buzz wasn't particularly good, but I needed to see for myself, and I liked it quite a bit. Marinated tofu with pork featured tofu sliced as thinly as noodles (looks like a noodle dish until you take a close look) and was as good of a tofu dish as you'll find. Scallion beef hot pot and fish in rice wine sauce were also quite good. I suspect that some of the patrons are just sore that Shanghai Palace is gone. Lee's Kitchen is at 2880 Pacific Coast Highway.

As a future note, there's a Honey Boba (presumably related to the wildly successful Arcadia enterprise) opening up just east of P V Palace on PCH in Lomita.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I am one of the guilty ones who is still sore the previous owner sold out after owning it for over 10 years. It was the only Shanghainese restaurant in the South Bay without having to drive to SGV. Will definitely try the lunch again and see if dinner is warranted.

    1. At first I thought the title was in reference to Sue's Kitchen close by (best beef noodle soup in the South Bay). Thanks - I'll put it on my list.

      Honey Boba has been open for quite awhile. Nice drinks but I didn't care for the 20+ minute wait.

      1. Heartily agree with your assessment! I've been South Bay for life, and this is actually one of the better options around right now. I've been a few times with my parents (legit Chinese people!) and my father, who is quite picky, was pleased with the quality of nearly everything we tried. The drunken chicken was very good, the stir fried dried tofu with pork was excellent.

        Do you know if they still serve Chinese breakfast? I miss having soy milk and you tiao in the morning. (I know, Peters Place, but I kind of hate that place.)