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Palm Springs Eats

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Can't remember the last time I was even in Palm Springs, but, will be out there in December.

Looking for something good to eat (pasta, Chinese, Middle Eastern, good sandwich) that is not expensive.

Anybody know the area and can recommend a place?

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        1. re: wienermobile

          Is that you, kevin? There is an Edit button. ;-)

        2. Mexican place looks good!

          1. Tasty sandwiches and casual, friendly service:


            1. Thai Smile (two locations in the Valley, including downtown PS); Nina's Pita & Pasta, a tiny joint in a strip mall on Sunrise, has great gyros for a great value; ditto The Sandwich Spot, (uninspired name but legendary sammies). I wish I could rec a Chinese option, but the Chinese offerings in the desert are meh.