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Oct 30, 2013 02:31 PM

Fairsted- What an Enticing Veg-Friendly Menu!

Boy, you CHs near Washington Sq. must be thrilled with the ever expanding food scene over there. I'm unfamiliar with the new Fairsted's chef, Scott Osif, or his Nantucket restnt- Galley Beach - but I really like the flavors in his paintbox. And ANY chef who cooks skate w/o, major yawn, capers and brown butter- has me cheering them on from the get-go. Plse someone try Fairsted soon, and pleeese like it. I so want it to be as good as it reads.

Fairsted menu on

snacks & sides - 8
cod beignets - smoked tomato confit

pig head lettuce wrap - carrot - daikon - cilantro - chili 5

croquettes - ham hock - fontina - harissa emulsion

cauliflower - capers - raisin - anchovy - olive oil

carrot salad - fennel - chick peas - pine nuts

duck fat fried potato cake - yogurt – paprika

wilted kale - shallot - honeycrisp apple - pecorino

small - 13
autumn vegetables - quinoa -tahini vinaigrette

herb spatzle - rabbit confit - leek - gruyere

celeriac & potato tart - sea urchin - shiso

raw fluke - serranos - radish - apple - lime - cilantro

stuffed cabbage - veal – caraway - onion - black pepper bechamel

sumac-cured salmon - warm potato salad - coriander - lemon - pink pepper oil

maitake mushrooms - tarragon - celery - cauliflower vinaigrette

cumin dusted lamb ribs - spicy vinegar fish sauce

white beans - squid - butternut squash - sage – ink aioli

young chicken - za’atar - frike - pickled radish - fig chutney - 19

smoked duck - potato pancake - red cabbage - skin – parsley - 24

skate- sunchoke - tarragon - roasted tomato - nicoise olive - 22

grilled wagyu zabuton - wild rice - squash – mushroom - 33

grains - buttercup - carrot - parsnip - walnuts -cranberry gastrique – 17

TABLE (large format to share)
braised oxtail - turnips - carrots - arancinis - rosemary & red wine reduction 51

monkfish - ras al hanout - chive potatoes - wild mushrooms – cauliflower 21pp

chateaubriand - kabocha squash - kale - mash - peppercorn sauce 75

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  1. That's a whopping five vegetarian options by my count, with two being "snacks"...

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    1. re: LeoLioness

      i'm guessing you're being sarcastic? if so, i will repeat what i have said before: Vegetarians sometimes/OFTEN will request a set-up (all the components on a plate except the entree) or set upS as part of their meal. most chefs are happy to oblige unless the set up is part of a (limited quantity) special they are running. So much variety on this menu; I'm psyched.

        1. re: smtucker

          <a set-up (all the components on a plate except the entree)>

        2. re: opinionatedchef

          Eh, maybe the ones you know. I agree with LeoLioness -- that's not a very veg-friendly menu. Personally, I rarely feel comfortable going off-menu, and generally only if there's not an entree on the menu I can eat. It's just too much hassle, and if I'm there with non-vegetarian dining companions, turns the conversation entirely to my dining habits no matter how discreet about it I try to be.

          Plus, they're very predictable. The only veg option on there that seems as creative as the meat dishes is the mushrooms and tarragon dish.

      1. My veggie friends/relatives would not consider this "veg friendly". Sure they could manage to piece together a meal but only with major conversations, negotiations. This is not a place they would actively seek out but could work in a pinch as long as they knew upfront the kitchen was willing to work with them.

        Veg friendly means there a number of vegetarian options to choose from that are as creative and delicious as the rest of the menu, not an after thought. It also means that the whole table doesn't have to stop while they figure out just what the kitchen can do for them.

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        1. re: foodieX2

          Exactly. I've gone through periods of vegetarianism, so I'm used to cobbling together a meal of first courses, or asking if I can have ___ without _____.

          But with the second option, you do tend to sacrafice a bit more than a dish that was conceived to be vegetarian. Asking them to hold the bacon means you may miss an element of salt or fat, for example.