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Espresso in Cambridge

I'll be visting the Boston area from Toronto early December and hope to have a Saturday afternoon in Cambridge. Can anyone recommend a cafe there for a good espresso macchiato?

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  1. Dwelltime, in my opinion, is the best, and certainly most consistent, shot of espresso in the city. Closer call once you start getting into the milk drinks, but i'd still recommend it over anywhere else. Some of their pastries are actually quite good these days too. in particular, croissants if its not too late in the afternoon, their almond tart if they have it, apple and pecan pie same. brioche skippable.

    1. +1 Dwelltime along with Voltage in Kendall.

      1. Area Four wins for me. Voltage is also worth checking out if you're in the area (closed Sunday). I don't like Dwelltime as much as the other commenters apparently.

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          I like Dwelltime. In particular, I like it especially because they are nasty to people who show up, plop their laptop open, order nothing, and take advantage of the free wifi. My kind of place.

        2. hey, CHs, al is comin' from ToRONto; plse mention the area location of your recommended spots! i myself had no clue where dwelltime is, so:


          about a 10 minute walk from Central Sq. T stop.
          Voltage is a 5 min walk from the Kendall Sq T stop (behind MIT
          In Harv Sq., i often hear recs for the food at Cafe Crema on Brattle; how's their espresso?

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              chef, i think your laptop is missing some keys.

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                I love Crema's coffee and milk-drinks (lattes, etc). Not sure I've had their espresso straight up. They brew George Howell beans.

              2. I like RJ Gourmet in East Cambridge.

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                  RJ was a cute spot but has, alas, closed.

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                    How sad.....loved their espresso. Always thought they pulled a better espresso than the Barisimo/Dwelltime guys, even though using the same beans.

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                      That's too bad, great espresso although every time I stopped in it was very quite.

                  2. Agree that Dwelltime pulls the best espresso in Cambridge and offers exceptional coffee. I haven't been as bowled over with their food offerings; I suppose I would call them decent to solid. Be aware they take espresso/coffee very seriously which seems to inspire love/hate. If you long for perfectly pulled, exceptional espresso though you will love them.

                    I've had mixed results at Voltage for both coffee and straight espresso BUT they are really focused on their Latte's. They have a whole menu of high quality, funky flavored latte's which is worth a stop for if you like lattes.

                    Crema is in the heart of Harvard Square which is nice and they have good sandwiches, salads, and baked goods. Their brewed coffee is good, but their espresso is a bit hit or miss and they certainly aren't obsessive about it. It's always packed, so finding a seat can be tricky, but it's nice in that it's got that classic coffee house feel.

                    Simon's coffee which has two locations on Mass Ave (one near Harvard, one near Porter Square) pulls good consistent espresso and has good coffee.

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                      Agree that Simon's espresso is more consistent than Crema's, and would even venture that for those of us of a certain age Simon's is the place with classic coffee house feel!

                    2. simons pulls a great shot( cambridge) voltage and dwelltime are excellent as well
                      if centered in harvard sq, crema and burdicks chocolates( brattle street, cambridge, ) both pull great shots, in fact we prefer burdicks. always a great cup(20x +)--- i let the secret out

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                        Thanks for these recommendations. I expect I'll be spending most of my time that day in/around Harvard, so I particularly appreciate the Harvard recommendations. Happy to hear from others regarding these or other Harvard espresso suggestions.

                      2. I would push Dwelltime over any of the Harvard Square options. It's not far away - it's only about a 20-minute walk from Harvard - and the coffee, food and atmosphere all handily beat anything I've found in Harvard.

                        If you're willing to go a bit farther afield, though, Three Little Figs puts everywhere else to shame. It's at 278 Highland Ave in Somerville, about 10 minutes' walk from the Davis Square red line stop (which is only two stops away from Harvard). I lived for many years in Sydney, where coffee and cafe culture and food are taken SERIOUSLY; this is the only place in the Boston area that comes close to Sydney standard in all of those areas. (In fact, my fiancee and I have nicknamed it Shenkin, after our favourite cafe down there.) It's very worth the trip. http://www.3littlefigs.com/

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                          Agree on 3lf...had a nice chat in line there past weekend with a lady from the neighborhood remarking how she has seen four different businesses in this spot and none of them did well like 3lf. I consider myself very spoiled to have a neighborhood coffee spot of such quality.

                          Though I must say that the cappuccino I had at Thinking Cup recently was even better than 3lf.