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Oct 30, 2013 02:10 PM

Re-melting leftover cheese fondue?

I make fondue for Christmas Eve dinner and there's invariably leftovers. It's a favorite of one of my nephews in particular who's always looking to snack on it on Xmas morning, but with all the activity going on, I've never had time to figure out a quick way to remelt it satisfactorily.

Would the microwave work? Double boiler? Will it be OK if it's refrigerated overnight, or would it be better to let it sit at cool room temperature overnight?

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  1. I would refrigerate it depending on the other ingredients.

    I would use the double boiler or fondue pot to reheat and you will need to add a little liquid and incorporate slowly to avoid a greasy mess.

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      that's what I do too and if the cheese needs a bit of help I add a touch of white wine.

    2. We have an electric fondue pot so I reheat it in that on a very low setting, stirring frequently. I would not leave it out overnight, especially after dipping in it!

      1. I've found that microwaving fondue causes it to separate and you wind up with a big layer of oil on the top. Reheating it slowly in a pot would be my choice.

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          A microwave will separate it and ruin in.

          I suggest a double boiler and frequent stirring.

        2. I would suggest to to use it for something different the next day. At least that is what we do in Switzerland where i am from. Re-melting somehow is always a mess.

          For something very simple you could do take slices of bread, put a slice of ham or whatever you like on it, cover it with some fondue (it will be easy to handle after a night in the refrigerator - and yes, put it in there) and then broil it in the oven until there is a nice brown crust on the cheese. You can play with that (put an fried egg on top...etc.)

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            That's really the most sensible solution, but for this particular nephew, I'd like to try to get it back to it's liquid state even if it's a bit of a pain.

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              This is similar to what I do, but I didn't know it was traditional - I treat the leftovers as a very, very tasty cheese spread.

            2. Thanks, looks like the double boiler it will be. (There's never enough leftover to fill the fondue pot far enough to use it.)

              As for leaving it out, it's just basic fondue with cheese and wine, and we rarely dip anything but bread and maybe the occasional apple slice, so food safety isn't worrying me - I was just wondering if refrigerating it would permanently alter the texture...

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                We have a mini crockpot that we use for this!