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Oct 30, 2013 01:31 PM

Pre-holiday rant: I am NOT a snob!

Tangenting off of the new Thanksgiving thread, WHY oh why are people who are passionate about food and recipes and freshness and variety and good quality, etc., often considered to be snobs and/or people to be made "fun" of? Is it an attack fueled by jealousy? I understand that some people just don't care that much about food, but I am equally sure that many of those people have passions that I am ignorant about/don't care about, but I don't make fun of them for it!

Why do I always feel like I need to hide or defend or explain my preferences for fresh vegetables and butter instead of margarine?

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  1. I've apparently missed something... of course the only Thanksgiving thread I've read is the one asking about non-traditional foods 'cause I think "normal" Thanksgiving food is boring and/ or crap. I'm totally cool with being called a snob for that.

    1. I don't bother to talk food to people who I know don't share the interest in food. If you're referring to this site (or other food sites), who on Chow is NOT a "food snob"--that is, someone who cares about the eating experience?

      1. Sometimes it's not even about the food that I'm considered a snob. I take great pleasure in having all of my matching serving dishes for presentation (nothing fancy, it's 13 year old Pfaltzgraff!). I also like things to be matchy matchy even if it's paper plates and napkins for a casual get-together. Some people are so offended! I'll never understand.

        It's like we should be punished or ridiculed if we don't just serve Tostitos and jarred salsa in the respective bag and jar. (Not that there is anything wrong with that but I want it a little fancier!)

        1. I guess the question is why do you feel the need to hide and/or defend yourself?

          Do you routinely talk about freshness, quality? Do you often rave about your latest recipe? Go on about you would never, ever eat XYZ ?

          Often times one's passion can come across as bragging or passing judgement on what another person likes.

          Food is one of those hot topic issues like breast feeding and politics. If your passionate about it you are going to ruffle some feathers. Just check out any of the many TJ, fast food or chain threads on this site alone.

          Be content with who you are and don't try to hide or defend yourself. Chances are you'll just get aggravated and most likely you really won't change their mind.

          1. Dunno. Do you denigrate others for their food choices? Make a big deal about too much sodium in this, too many chemicals in that, too many preservatives in that can of cream of crap soup? In my experience some people find that offensive and will defend themselves against what they perceive as attacks about what they are used to and what they grew up with.