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Oct 30, 2013 01:12 PM

Emergency - World Series viewing/dining/drinking tonight in Bklyn

Two Red Sox fans living in Brooklyn (Heights/CobbleHill) need recs for a good place to watch tonight's game. Thought of Dinosaur Barbeque but not enough emphasis on the game. Thought of Floyd on Atlantic but then thought again about the food. Need a good balance of sports focus and something reasonable to eat, thanks.

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  1. You can try going back to Boston

    1. Professor Thom's in Manhattan. Don't put on your Red Sox hat till you get there.
      Go Cards!!

      1. 200 Fifth? Food is better than your average sports bar, and there seems to be room for fans of all stripes....

        1. I know this is old... I happen to be at Red Star in Grnpoint.. The wings and food looked great.. And there was a ton of Massholes there.. Good Bar.. Congrats