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Oct 30, 2013 12:48 PM

Truly authentic Sichuan food in N.J.

Our son and his college roommate from Chengdu will be home for a week around Thanksgiving. His roommate will have been living in Ohio for the past three months and I'm sure he would enjoy some authentic home style Sichuan food. Any suggestions you all can make will be appreciated.

Home style Sichuan food. We are in Union County and are willing to travel 45 minutes to an hour for this meal.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. Closest is Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove. I assure you this is the real deal!!

      1. Dragon Palace in Edison will also do the trick. You can give the guy a slam dunk by first taking him to Chnegdu 1 and then Dragon Palace the following day. He will be one lucky Chinese food fan.

        I would like to suggest that you try the cold rabbit with chili sauce and stir-fried bacon with leeks.

        Dragon Palace
        1635 Oak Tree Rd
        Edison, NJ 08820

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          JNK, if you Google Brian Yarvin, you'll see that the man has just a touch of experience when it comes to Chinese food.

        2. Chengdu 1 is great, but four miles North on 23 brings you to Chengdu 23, which is just about as good. And they have coupons on their website!

          I'm still wondering why in 2013 we have no decent (or even indecent) Sichuan restaurants in Bergen County.

          1. You can get into NYC in an hour.
            Szechuan Gourmet at 21 West 39th is mighty good......

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              But by the time you pay gas, tolls, and parking, that's a mighty expensive meal....