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Oct 30, 2013 12:00 PM

Three Meals and a lunch on the Cotes d'Azur

We recently returned from a trip to Italy and France, spending the last three days near Nice. We tried two restaurants that were new to us, while returning to several old standby's. Our first visit to Le Bistrot Gourmand in Nice was a success. My wife and I each started with a risotto, one with porcini, the other with black truffles. Both excellent, although the truffled version was the star. I also enjoyed a very well prepared roast squab. Service and ambiance were both quite nice.

The next evening, we traveled to Restaurant Alain Liorca, near St.Paul de Vence. A lovely venue with excellent service, but the food largely was a failure pretty much across the board.

We had lunch the next day at Caveau 30 in Cannes, a familiar venue for us. Very good oysters and moules marinieres. A classic soupe de poisson and middling calramari fritti.

Our last meal was an upscale dinner at the two star L'Oasis in La Napoule. We have enjoyed this restaurant over the years, and it did not disappoint us this time. Superb service, wonderful amuse bouche and breads. Highlights of the food we ordered included a langouste roasted in curry, a classic marinated raw tuna and a king crab appetizer served with a mouse of artichokes.

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  1. Wonderful. Merci. These were updates of places you had known, which is the most valid and valuable kind of review. Merci encore.