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Oct 30, 2013 11:50 AM

ideas for a family friendly special occasion spot for MIL's 70th birthday in Jan? [Westchester]

We are trying to come up with a spot that special for my MIL's 70th birthday in Jan. I was asked to come up with some ideas that are " not another boring dinner.". The side note is, I know my MIL will want the grandkids included in the fun. They range in age from 15-5 years old. ( baby is being left home that night)

I thought of a private cooking event at a place like ICE in manhattan, but want some options for up here.

Can you guys help me think of something? My FIL is counting on me to come up with something great!!

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  1. i forgot to mention- we are 14 ppl could be a few more.

    1. Where? New York is a big state.

      1. Second phofiend's question. You want some options for "up here" Please tell us where "up here" is, and sharpen your initial query.

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        1. re: trakman

          My apologies again...Westchester County, please. Thanks.

        2. I don't know where in Westchester you want to be and I have never had their food but when my son visits his friend in Bedford they often go to Grandprix NY which has an arcade, bowling, bouncy house, arcade, slot car racing, etc. and they do private parties. I thought about it for his bar mitzvah but Mount Kisco is too far from Mt. Vernon.

          Also one of the restaurants in New Rochelle does cooking parties. I think it is Don Coqui although they don't mention it on their web page any more.

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            Thank you, rolise. Grandprix is great!! Our nephew's bar mitzvah will be there a few weeks after his grandmother's big birthday, so we can't do that. My eldest nephew had his there, too. They do a really good job.
            I'll look into some of the restaurants up here for kitchen experiences.
            I don't have a particular part of Westchester that's preferred, just something different.