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Something reasonable at the intersection of 93 and 128

Does anyone know where a group of eight of us could grab a decent burger, Mexican, Italian to celebrate multiple birthdays? Nothing expensive or fancy or even chowish, just reasonably good.

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  1. Pardon me, I should qualify that with 'north of Boston'.

    1. Convenient, though not too chowish, is the new StregaPrime in Woburn. It's billed as an italian steakhouse, and is at exit 35 on 128 (Rte 93 is exit 37).
      I haven't been, but I'm sure the food is fine, though not a chowhound favorite.


      If you're willing to have good Sichuan Chinese food (with available good americanized chinese on the menu for the less adventurous), and great cocktails, get off at the same exit and go to Sichuan Garden II.

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        I had a work function at StregaPrime recently, and even off a limited catering menu I have to say, their food was really delicious. The steak carpaccio app was excellent. Compared to other similar events, the food was far better. Nothing exciting, but much better than I was expecting.

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          Strega Prime may be a little expensive for lunch..

        2. There's Polcari's right off of the Montvale Ave exit. That's your normal American-Italian place.. and there is a On the Border Cafe near there as well, right by the Lowe's

          1. Woburn Mall area - Mishawum Rd/Washington St. exit off 128, one exit awy from the 93 interchange, has a bunch of chain options including On the Border and a barbecue place on Commerce Way across from Target.

            1. I would suggest any of the following. Felicia's on Main St Stoneham for Italian America. Szechuan Garden Alfred St. Woburn right off 128. Tres Amigos 125 Main St. Stoneham. Good Mexican but its BYOB. Its kind of small but they could accommodate 8 people.

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                Felicia's in Stoneham was a place I visited many times for lunch when I worked in Stoneham many many moons ago.
                Not sure how long you have been going, but do you think their red sauce as good as it was 15 plus years ago?

                If so, I got a fever.

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                  I just found out (Thanks opionatedchef) that Felicia's serve lunch 6 days a week and paid them a visit today. Old School Italian is an understatement but there isn't anything really wrong with that. I had the Linguine with Clams in the white sauce and it was excellent and included a number of fresh clams. Maybe a tad to lemony but I can live with that. Overall an excellent lunch and I also liked the spicy dipping oil for the bread.


                2. Melissa's Main Street Bistro next to the Stoneham Theatre. Cozy and good, but might be a little more $$ than you are thinking.

                  1. If you google you can get the address of these places I frequent, since I live in Woburn. They are all within 5 minutes or so drive from 128/93 intersection.

                    Tanner Tavern, main St. (bugers, fun atmosphere)
                    Tuda Na Brasa, (brazilan) main St.
                    The restaurant (don't laugh, the food is good and reasonable, owned by a Greek family), main st.
                    Pho1, main st.(Vietnamese/Thai)
                    Lana Thai, main st.
                    Three Amigos, rt. 28 (Stoneham)
                    Angelos Italian, rt 28 (Stoneham),(it's a split restaurant, one side is cheaper, no atmosphere but good food)
                    Tuilps (Asian), nice atmosphere

                    If it were me with friends, I would go to Tanner Tavern for a celebration kind of meal. Lots of choices and the place is always packed.



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                      Hey mcel, thought of you last week when we had a very Zalek's like meal.. still miss them! It was a special at Grassfields. Mediteranean Seafood with salmon, sword,shrimp, grilled veggies over jasmine (but we had their spinach rice instead) Had a lot of Peter's flavors and ingredients.. Still cant find salmon quite as good as his.. although always surprised at the melt in your mouth salmon quality at the 99..

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                        Hey back chompie,

                        Sorry it took so long to respond, didn't come back to this thread. Yes, I too miss Zalek's and wonder what Peter is up too now that the restaurant closed.

                        I'll check out Grassfields. I had a nice grilled salmon at Tremonte last week, but it was $19 dollars. Not a real bargain, but it was wonderful.

                        I haven't been to the 99 in a long while, thanks for the tip though.


                    2. Some of the other suggestions are good but i would NEVER send anyone to Tulip or Tuda na Brasa.just sayin'.

                      5 minutes from the 93/128 intersection, there is a very large and inexpensive $13 chinese/Japanese buffet at Mandarin Reading. Very attractive inside; many large parties like yours.
                      Full bar. All the food is fresh and good quality, and frequently replenished. Some better flavored than others, and nothing very spicy, but you're likely to have your friends excited at the variety. they also have miniature tira misu, and richardson's ice creams, which they can put Bday parasols on!

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                        if you want reasonable, don't think Strega is going to come close.. If you just want regular ol' decent food, then actually the 99 Woburn or Stoneham does a lot of b'day groups and their burgers are popular. Bacci's Italian in Stoneham has a private room in back and good Italian. Felicias is very good but pricier. Capri in Reading is good Italian too and very casual.. lots of parties there too. The only Mexican in that area is On the Border. Good birthday atmosphere but not always the greatest food. If you go a bit further North there is a new festive shopping area with a bunch of places like Yardhouse, Kings, Legal C Bar, Davios etc. BTW, what is the BBQ place mentioned above near target??

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                          I would send them for the atmosphere mostly at Tulip OC.

                          And to me, the BBQ pit meats are excellent (and inexpensive), at Tuda na Brasa. They do have a liquor license.

                          I really didn't think the OP wanted to travel, so my suggestions came with a 5 minute radius of that intersection. :)


                        2. I would add Bacci's in Stoneham to the list

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                            I would go to Bacci's in Stoneham before I would do Felicia's in Stoneham... Felicia's is just typical red sauce nothing special... Bacci's is delicious.

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                              I don't know about Bacci's because I've never been there, but I was actually at Felicia's last weekend and I'd disagree that it's nothing special. Sometimes "typical red sauce" is just what you want, as long as it's done well. We thought everything we had was delicious. Loved the RI Calamari and my husband particularly liked his dish, which was some sort of beef in a mushroom wine sauce. The beef was perfectly medium rare and the sauce was a great match for it. Plus we really enjoyed a complimentary limoncello at the end of the meal. Kind of creamy, I suspect house-made?

                              What would you recommend at Bacci's?

                              1. re: Chris VR

                                Have been to both places quite a few times and I prefer Feliccia's too. Bacci's in fact has a similar menu with quite a "red sauce items" but they also have BBQ items like steak tips, etc. At Feliccia's I always recommend the Zuppa di Vongole which is actually a large bowl of freshly steamed Littleneck Clams in either a marinara or white wine sauce. It's listed under appetizers and easily be shared by two or more people. I also like their Eggplant Rollatini which is also listed as an appetizer. This dish can also be easily shared.

                                On the entrees I like the Pork Chop with Vinegar Peppers, Charlie's Haddock and their Chicken Parm. They also have several daily specials which are usually quite good.

                                One other point in Feliccia's favor is that they have one of the most "generous pours" at any bar I have been too.

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                                  Yes! I was surprised at what a large pour of wine we received. No complaints, just surprised!

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                                    I went to Felicia's today and had the Zuppa di Vongole for lunch and it was delicious! Good broth and a heap of fresh clams, certainly enough for me for lunch.


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                                      that's funny. we had late lunch there yestday and i had, again, the linguini w/ clams and My Love had the Veal Parm. w/ huge Caesar Salad and Felicia's salad. Happy and full were we. I think my dish must be the same as yours with the addition of pasta and tiny (canned?) clams. Maybe next time i'll ask for the zuppa w/ linguini added.

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                                        Felicia's in Stoneham currently have a $10 Lobster Roll with Fries as a Tuesday special. The fries was forgettable but the lobster roll was really good with a toasted bun and a good amount of lobster with some mayo as a binder and a small amount of lettuce underneath.


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                                          Felicia's always has 3 or 4 daily specials, some of which can be very good. I like their version of Lobster Mac & Cheese when its a special and recently they had a twin lobster special that was very reasonable. On Thursdays they also offer Tripe ala Marinara which is rather hard to find and quite good.