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Oct 30, 2013 11:49 AM

Something reasonable at the intersection of 93 and 128

Does anyone know where a group of eight of us could grab a decent burger, Mexican, Italian to celebrate multiple birthdays? Nothing expensive or fancy or even chowish, just reasonably good.

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  1. Pardon me, I should qualify that with 'north of Boston'.

    1. Convenient, though not too chowish, is the new StregaPrime in Woburn. It's billed as an italian steakhouse, and is at exit 35 on 128 (Rte 93 is exit 37).
      I haven't been, but I'm sure the food is fine, though not a chowhound favorite.

      If you're willing to have good Sichuan Chinese food (with available good americanized chinese on the menu for the less adventurous), and great cocktails, get off at the same exit and go to Sichuan Garden II.

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        I had a work function at StregaPrime recently, and even off a limited catering menu I have to say, their food was really delicious. The steak carpaccio app was excellent. Compared to other similar events, the food was far better. Nothing exciting, but much better than I was expecting.

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          Strega Prime may be a little expensive for lunch..

        2. There's Polcari's right off of the Montvale Ave exit. That's your normal American-Italian place.. and there is a On the Border Cafe near there as well, right by the Lowe's

          1. Woburn Mall area - Mishawum Rd/Washington St. exit off 128, one exit awy from the 93 interchange, has a bunch of chain options including On the Border and a barbecue place on Commerce Way across from Target.

            1. I would suggest any of the following. Felicia's on Main St Stoneham for Italian America. Szechuan Garden Alfred St. Woburn right off 128. Tres Amigos 125 Main St. Stoneham. Good Mexican but its BYOB. Its kind of small but they could accommodate 8 people.

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              1. re: RoyRon

                Felicia's in Stoneham was a place I visited many times for lunch when I worked in Stoneham many many moons ago.
                Not sure how long you have been going, but do you think their red sauce as good as it was 15 plus years ago?

                If so, I got a fever.

                1. re: RoyRon

                  I just found out (Thanks opionatedchef) that Felicia's serve lunch 6 days a week and paid them a visit today. Old School Italian is an understatement but there isn't anything really wrong with that. I had the Linguine with Clams in the white sauce and it was excellent and included a number of fresh clams. Maybe a tad to lemony but I can live with that. Overall an excellent lunch and I also liked the spicy dipping oil for the bread.