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Oct 30, 2013 11:48 AM

Birthday gift for daughter

I am interested in purchasing a birthday gift to a good restaurant in Chicago that would be fairly accessible to my daughter and her friend. They do have a car so they do not have to rely exclusively on public transportation. She has eaten around a bit in Chicago, e.g., Charlie Trotters, Alinea, Schwa, Avec, Blackbird, and all of Baylesses places. I just read this thread:

and would like to ask, in addition about Girl and the Goat,and Ruxpin.

They live in Andersonville, and that area is centered by Clark and Berwyn ( I find that quite a few people from Chicago have never heard of that part of town being called Andersonville. Great little area!


Thank all of you in advance and I hope this is not becoming too repetitious of other's requests.

Joe in Austin

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    1. Providing a little more information would be useful; you listed some great venues your daughter has been - but they are quite different from one another, so it is not clear if there is a certain type/style of restaurant she prefers and what she does not like. Also price range is important; i.e. a $100 gift card for example would not even cover gratuity for dinner-for-two at a place like Alinea, but at Avec could be a full meal. Is the price point of the venue you are considering important and if so, what price point is fair game?

      Regarding the places you mentioned, Ruxbin I have heard a lot of great things about, but just have not yet made it there. Girl & the Goat is extremely popular (reservations still often book far out), but is a bit of a "scene" IMHO and I find there are other venues serving a similar style of food (upscale nose-to-tail/farm-to-table cuisine in a casual energetic atmosphere) and doing so a bit better (Publican, Bristol, Purple Pig for example).

      One place I like near Andersonville (it is in Lincoln Square) is Elizabeth. She sells "tickets" to her restaurant instead of takes reservations; you could find out a date your daughter wants to go and buy tickets as a present if that is a place she would like and is in your price range. It is a really fun dining experience (lengthy tasting menu of seasonal ingredients prepared and presented in whimsical, creative ways). High end cuisine but relaxed, casual atmosphere. The chef/owner (Iliana Regan) is an amazing woman and often serves and presents some of the dishes tableside.

      Elizabeth Restaurant:

      If you say a bit more about what type of venue/price range you are interested in I can try to add some additional recommendations.