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Oct 30, 2013 11:48 AM

What's the one can't miss restaurant in New Orleans ???? If you only had one night for dinner.

Here are joints that I've enjoyed in the past, but if anything new is on the scene please let me know:

Brigtsen's (beyond loved it for the roasted duck with tart dried cherry sauce and mashed potatoes, and the Ponchatoula strawberry shortcake, anything else great on the menu, what are your rec's here ?)

Kpaul's. (really liked it for his eponymous blackened fish as well as the coconut cake).

Brennan's (maybe it's no longer around, I haven't been in a while)


Dick and Jenny's.

Pascale's Manale.

Emeril's in the warehouse district.

August (which I didn't really like, go figure)

Fiorella's (I really liked the fried chicken here).

Acme Oyster House and Felix Oyster House (both were way way way overrated in my opinion).

Cafe du Monde, of course.

Crabby Jack's in Jefferson Parish (loved the drum fish in a hollandaise butter sauce and the shredded duck po boy and the barq's in the bottle, for some reason, i can't seem to get barq's in the bottle most anywhere).

Also is Rene Bistrot still around, or Stella or Stanley's, or Buster Holmes ???


One more thing is Mosca's worth the drive from NOLA and is it still good to go there if we will be having an all seafood/shellfish meal there ????

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  1. Rene in transition phase from the Marriott Renaissance to the JW Marriott on Canal Street. Stella and Stanley around still, Buster Holmes not. Mosca's too me is almost unbearable, my system can't handle that much garlic in one sitting. But for those without that affliction, I'm sure it's worth the drive. My can't miss dinner if I only had one choice is Herbsaint.

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    1. re: sanglier

      Thanks. Herbsaint is the Donald Link place ??? Maybe I mixed up chefs.

    2. I'd vote for Coquette for dinner for a high brow experience. Stunning food, beautiful atmosphere.
      For local flavor, I never miss a visit to Liuzza's on Bienville.

      I made one visit to Mosca's and it was dreadful. This was a few years ago, and may have been an off night but I would never go back. When I think of our experience and then read other takes on it, it's almost hard to imagine it's the same place! Everything was nearly burnt, nothing tasted remotely fresh, chicken swimming in grease. Ugh!

      1. So, for what it's worth, Herbsaint, Cochon, and Lilette were all complete misses for us. (Herbsaint was decent, but certainly not "can't miss".) Lilette, in particular, was disgusting.

        I agree with coquette, even though it's not super fancy or expensive. We had a *great* meal there. They have a wonderful wine list, interesting food, great service, and a great atmosphere.

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        1. re: alex1018

          Would you mind elaborating on your disgusting experience at Lilette?

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            nearly every choice was a protein with a vegetable and a starch. Some dishes, the vegetables and starches were teh same. On each, the proteins were poorly cooked, and the veggies and starches lacked seasoning, and anything interesting.

            1. re: alex1018

              I suppose I could work up some complaints---but nothing I have had there has ever been "disgusting." I'd say "irritating" but that is true of lots of places here and elsewhere, the result of a "style" that seems to be pushed on "chefs" from some Invisible Force, like the Ego--or it that the "Id?"-- in "Forbidden Planet." I'd be interested in just what protein was poorly cooked and how so? The same vegetables and starches don't pose a problem for me. I always expect to add butter or hot sauce or something anyway.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                it was in march.. i don't remember which proteins, to be honest. Suffice it to say "all of them".

                The cocktails were awesome though.

              2. re: alex1018

                boring veggies doesnt sound "disgusting" to me. curious what they did to your proteins that they were disgusting?

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    the veggies and mashed potatoes served at Brigtsen's may be boring but i loved every bit of it.

            2. re: alex1018

              I assume the term "disgusting" is hyperbole. Of the thousands of dining experiences I have had many were unpleasant but I do not remember one that was disgusting. And certainly not at a restaurant of the quality of Lilette.

              1. re: bhoward

                right, i mean, jeez guys. Sarcasm on the internet....

                the proteins were over cooked and gristly. the PREPARATIONS OF THE VEGETABLES were boring. It was like overcooked chicken, with overcooked mixed vegetables. It was moderately better than plane food, but the same concept. The service was rushed and unfriendly. It was a terrible meal.

                The drinks were great.

            3. Fiorella's fried chicken isn't what it used to be. That was always our first stop for lunch after unloading our luggage at the hotel. We couldn't get enough of that crispy moist deliciousness until 2 years ago- it was so bland and tasteless that we didn't bother finishing it. If you like fried pickles, Fiorella's are magical! I would skip the fried chicken though.

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              1. re: NJlovesNOLA

                Had Fiorella's fried chicken for the first time last Sunday after the Saint's game. It was spicy and delicious. Did not try the pickles, will do that next time.

                1. re: TaTee

                  That's good to hear. Maybe they changed cooks or went back to their old recipe. I'll be looking forward to trying it again then!!

              2. I'm a big fan of Mariza in the Rice Mill Lofts in Bywater.