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Lunch Options in Point Breeze/Greys Ferry

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I'm working at a location near 26th & Wharton Sts and I'm looking for some good lunch options. Moe's is already in my rotation, so I'm looking for more places in that area or places a little further out that will deliver.


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  1. Resurrection Ale House is a few blocks from there and opens at noon. I haven't been there in a long time but it was good when I was there. There's also Kermit's Bake Shoppe, I haven't been there yet but have read good things. It's at 22nd and Washington and they deliver: http://deliverymenu.kermitsbakeshoppe...

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      Resurrection is probably out since I only have a half hour. I have heard about Kermit's, so I'll have to get over there to pick up a menu.


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        I haven't been, but Breezys cafe at 21st and reed is supposed to be good. I think they are moving to federal street soon but they do deliver.

    2. Nick's at 20th and Jackson.

      1. There is some great Indonesian to be had in Point Breeze (but a Nick's overboard with an operated roll is a tough American meal to beat!!)

        This is one ...