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Oct 30, 2013 10:58 AM

Lyon Recommendations

We are traveling to Lyon in two weeks and need some recommendations on which restaurants we should keep and which ones we should forego for possibly a next trip.

We are in town for 3 days for a friend's wedding. We have a welcome lunch on Tuesday and the wedding festivities happen on Wednesday noon, so Tuesday and Wednesday meals are taken cared of.

These are the restaurants on our list, and wanted to get a better sense of which restaurants we should definitely visit.

Michelin Starred Restos:
Le Mere Brazier
L' Alexandrin
Tete doie
Les Loges

Bouchons/ Brasseries:
Cafe des Federations
La Voute Chez Lea
Magali et Martin
Brasserie Leon de Lyon
Chez Hugon

Tentative restaurant itinerary is as follows:
Monday Lunch: Le Mere Brazier
Monday Dinner: L' Alexandrin
Tuesday Dinner: Tetedoie or Chez Lea
Wednesday Dinner: Café des Federations or Chez Hugon

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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  1. Have you read the other Lyon threads? I'm going to suggest you will not want dinner on Wednesday evening. At least not what either Café des Federations or Chez Hugon serve. Their food is traditional Lyonnaise, and very substantial. I'm guessing you'll be eating substantially at lunch, as well. If I were booking dinner after a "wedding lunch" in Lyon, I'd choose a brasserie like Léon de Lyon where I could order just soup and a salad if that's all I'm feeling and not get looked at cross-eyed.

    If you have lunch Monday at Mère Brazier, I can't imagine being hungry for a substantial dinner, but maybe that's just me.

    Our favorite meal last visit was lunch at Daniel et Denise.