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Oct 30, 2013 10:42 AM

Norwegian Lutefisk Dinner in Cranfills Gap - First Sat. in December

So, has anyone ever been to the annual Lutefisk dinner in Cranfils Gap? I was on a road trip going through Hamilton and saw a poster advertising it. Since I have never had any lutefisk, good or bad, I was thinking about going. According to the website, they've been doing this for 46 years.
I live in Austin, so it looks to be about a 2 hour drive. Is it good. Is it authentic? Etc., etc. Can you BYOB?
Any and all input is welcome.

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  1. I've had my share of lutefisk, one of those traditional Xmas things for all folks Norwegian, and just can't stand the stuff! My relatives in Minnesota make regular pilgrimages to various churches for their annual lefse and lutefisk dinners.

    I used to eat lutefisk to keep my grandfather happy but after he died I quit. That stuff will seriously tarnish any real silverware you use to eat or cook it with. In Honolulu we could get it at Chun-Hoon Market but since they sold out I don't think it's available anywhere in the state. I can't say I miss it!

    Go for the lefse, though! I make it every year, learned from my mother, who learned from her mother, and so on. I even had to teach my Mom's sisters because they never paid attention when they were growing up. They still think it's too much bother to make lefse, though, so buy it from the supermarket. Here in Hawaii that's not an option. :-)

    1. So, I won't be able to attend this. If anybody goes, give me an update.

      1. I was born into a Swedish-American family from Georgetown TX and grew up in Austin. we had lutfisk every Christmas. I recommend this dinner at Cranfils Gap! I've never been, but I go to the annual lutfisk dinners here in Oregon where i live now. I am not crazy about lutfisk but if you like to enjoy different cultures, it is really fun to go to these dinners and meet the people and take in a cultural experience.