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Oct 30, 2013 10:21 AM

Who has the best selection of Halloween candy? And what new items did you find this year?

Just wondering... Every year there seems to be some new take on old standards.. Also has anyone seen M&M Minis for Halloween or fun packs?

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  1. Target has M&M Minis on sale this week - package of 14 tubes for $9.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      thanks, I saw that on their website today and went there before I saw your post, but didn't see any! (Saugus). I did see a new offering this year..M&M candy corn flavor... I'm a little curious but not too hopeful.. didn't get them tho..

      1. re: chompie

        I had heard that there was a limited edition of pumpkin spice M&Ms. I haven't looked for them, but a few weeks ago heard they had them at Target.

    2. Don't know if these are truly new, but new to me..Green Tea Kit-Kat bars. Bought 'em at Ebisuya. Not sure if I like them or not, I need to eat a few more to decide :-)

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      1. re: gimlis1mum

        I was surprised to see a white chocolate version of kit kat bars after rummaging through the kids take last night.

        1. re: gimlis1mum

          They're a long-popular Asian flavor that shows up sporadically in the states. I've seen them on occasion in 7/11s.

          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

            kit kats have been doing alternatives at Halloween for a few years now inc. white choc, orange colored white choc, dark choc. but never saw the green tea.. Didn't find anything else that different. Seem like this years big thing is giant combo packs of the Mars brands most popular minis. Never found any Mini M&Ms tho.