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Oct 30, 2013 10:00 AM

Canned home grown tomatoes

Is it just me or do others think their canned tomatoes are not that great? Maybe I used the wrong kind of tomato, but mine are really watery. Next year I'm going to see if I can get a bushel of roma tomatoes and try those. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've only canned sauce, not whole tomatoes, but adding paste tomatoes or only using paste tomatoes makes a huge difference.

    1. Mine always throw off a lot of liquid when they're canned: the bottom third of the jar is usually the clear liquid from the fruits and the solid parts float on top. I see some separation even when I cook them down to a sauce first. The taste is fine, though.

      There is some variation among varieties: the one time I tried Yellow Boy (or was it Lemon Boy?) I ended up with jars of mush. Haven't tried any of the paste varieties, since my plants didn't co-operate this year.

      BTW, there are varieties specially bred for canning, like the Santa Clara Canner.

      1. Good to know tardigrade...Thank you.

        1. I can my own romas with no problem.

          X the skin, blanch, remove skin and then fill open space with either juiced romas or juiced early girls (I called them lazy girls this year LOL) I grow myself.

          No issues here but they always go into a recipe requiring other ingredients so they come out tasty. Eat alone. No. Not for me.

          Seems the meatier tomatoes fair better when canning or so i;ve heard.
          I only can romas myself.

          1. Fill the jars with tomatoes...not so much of the liquid.