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Oct 30, 2013 09:30 AM

Umana Wine Bar (Albany)

Umana Wine Bar:

On Western Ave. close to Lark St.

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    1. Very cool. I just moved from the area one year ago to central Virginia. Glad to see there are some nice international spots moving into downtown Albany. I'll be up again at Thanksgiving time and will have to try it out.

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      1. re: foodcompletesme

        foodcompletesme, did you get to Umana while you were here?

      2. Has anyone been yet?

        They started serving Sunday brunch on the 15th.

        Not much on Yelp:

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        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Friends of mine have been there, but not for brunch, and are looking forward to returning.

        2. Had brunch at Umana recently.

          Love the decor, ambience and vibe of Umana. You can tell the owner put her heart and soul into it. Attention paid to small details (gorgeous wood bar with brightly colored bar stools, murals on the walls, wood plates, milk & sugar servers, etc.). Now on to the food:

          I had Peri Peri Shrimp Frittata with home fries and salad greens. Very good.

          SO had Biscuits and Chorizio Sausage Gravy with home fries. He said their coffee was especially good.

          Friendly, professional service. Owner/manager keeps a watchful eye.

          This would be a good place for a group dinner or private party. Looks like they only serve wine and beer. Everything is made to order in this small gem of a restaurant so probably not a good place if you're in a big hurry. We found parking nearby on the street (always a challenge in Albany). Been open since November.

          Will definitely go back when we're in Albany. Dinner next.

          The Yelp perspective and their Facebook page: