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Oct 30, 2013 08:55 AM

Pate, Mousse, and Foie Gras

Looking for the best place to enjoy Pate, Mousse, and Foie Gras for a birthday dinner later on this month. Prefer downtown DC but could be convinced to travel out to the DC burbs. I've been to Range and it was amazing but would like to try something new. Thanks!

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  1. Although (as folks around here seem to suggest) it is a bit over-hyped, the foie gras parfait at Diplomate is pretty awesome. Couple that with their duck terrine, and you are definitely in business.

    Not directly responsive, but the chicken liver mousse at Seasonal Pantry is crack-like addictive. I highly recommend grabbing a jar (or two). And he usually has an interesting terrine available.

    1. Bar Pilar has some delicious chicken liver pate. Good versions can also be found at Cork and Le Diplomate (that also has a foie gras mousse that is out of this world...and oh-so rich).

      Also the faux gras and duck rillettes (which might not still be on the menu) at Central is great. I often would get this with a cocktail and enjoy just that as a meal.

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        I can definitely 2nd the faux gras at Central. sometimes it moves on and off the menu or between lunch and dinner. a most elusive dish. (but I'd maybe order a light salad as a side - y'know palate cleansing roughage)

      2. Can't wait to hear responses--you probably have a better chance of recommendations in the DC area then what would be available in the Baltimore region. I am always looking out for pate-mousse and foie gras--not that there is much available in this area--but....CALL AHEAD TO THE CHEF--
        Daniel--at Elkridge Furnace Inn--the Baltimore area (not very far from the DC area)--and he will compose a menu with your requests. He is AMAZING and a very accommodating and inventive as a chef. One of the few dining establishments that could/will meet your requests in a very lovely, romantic atmosphere. FoiGras