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Oct 30, 2013 07:28 AM

As a kid, did you spend your pocket money on food?

I certainly overspent on pistachios, which I still love. But some other kids had the attitude 'I get food at home, I'm going to spend my money on toys, movies, whatever'.

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  1. I spent some of it on candy bars. A five cent Caravan chocolate bar was a little bit of heaven.

    1. Some of it, certainly. Dairy Queen stuff and kippered salmon (not at the same time).

      1. We'd go to Jo's Candy Cottage and periodically buy big chunks of dark chocolate and honeycomb. Other than that, I was a cheap kid and would eat food from home.

        1. We would bring back bottles and then go "up the avenue" to Marshall Fields and buy a donut from the machine that made them automatically in the basement of the store. Hot, greasy, and sweet!

          1. Yes, as a young child, but mostly at the farms (apples, summer vegetables, berries) and NY bakery shops (mocha cake!).

            But, by my late teens to late twenties I spent all my extra cash on buying music, going to concerts and riding the train/bus/filling up the tank for concerts out of state.