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Oct 30, 2013 06:21 AM

Suggestions for dinner in financial district/Tribeca

A friend of mine is going to be visiting from Hong Kong and I'm looking for a good place for dinner. He's a real foodie, so I'd love something interesting in delicious, ambience is less important. Also, no Asian since that's his usual fare. Any suggestions?

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  1. When is the dinner? What's your price range?

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    1. re: kathryn

      The dinner is this Saturday, so any place that is difficult to get a reservation is probably out. And we're looking for something mid-range, $25-50.

      1. re: murphykara

        I presume you mean "$25-50 for individual entree". That's the standard for mid-range in my hood. Try, Reserve Cut, the new steakhouse on Board Street. Beautiful restaurant and excellent food. Nice wine selection too.

    2. North End Grill. Excellent across the board and a ton of Scotch , Bourbon and Wine list. food is outstanding.

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      1. re: princeofpork3

        And they have 8:15 or 8:30pm for 2 on Saturday on OpenTable right now... Excellent cocktails.

        1. re: Riverman500

          Locande Verde is great, though I doubt he will be able to get a table for this Saturday. May consider nabbing two seats at the bar, though do prepare for a wait.

        2. Is $25-$50 for food only, not including drinks? Does it include tax and tip? $50 before tax and tip is about $38 menu price. And is that each, or for both of you combined?

          How much do you want to eat? A full meal - i.e. app, entree, and dessert each? I ask because if you were to go to say, a place like North End Grill which is "mid-range" by New York standards, it would handily break your budget - it'd be about $63 per per person IF you each ordered the cheapest app, entree and dessert. Locanda Verde, another NYC "midrange" place mentioned, would also break $50/pp, though not by as much - and again, only if you stuck to the cheapest options. Probably don't want to spend the evening stressing about your wallet.

          Unfortunately, in that part of town, most of the lower-priced options are going to be Asian.

          Pulqueria can be fun, if you can get up to Chinatown - it's not too far. The food is decent, Mexican, nothing fancy, but as a foodie he might be interested in the Pulque - it's the fermented agave juice that's the base "wine" they distill tequila from. It's the only place I've ever been that's had it. They make some great cocktails as well.

          Blue Smoke in Battery Park City isn't bad, and I don't think there's much American-style BBQ where he comes from. No entree is over $20, I don't think.

          Further North, in Tribeca, Aamanns is doing some pretty interesting Nordic fare for dinner, though again it might nudge your price point a bit. It's a fun place to share a bunch of small plates, then maybe split an entree if you're food-sharing types. They're a good little sandwich shop for lunch, but the dinner menu gets very creative - i.e. raw scallops with green strawberries and elderflower, seared duck hearts and pickled kohlrabi, that kind of thing... could be fun for a foodie. Portions aren't huge - the menu is designed more with the idea of having a four-course meal - but if you're lighter eaters, it'd be something a bit more adventurous. And I'm pretty positive the Nordic trend hasn't hit HK yet.