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Oct 29, 2013 11:26 PM

Lakeview dinner recs/comparisons (Frog and Snail vs. Home Bistro vs. ?)

Hi guys, looked around the threads for dinner recs in Lakeview but noticed there wasn't much about Frog and Snail. Has anyone gone there and can comment? I've liked Home Bistro in the past if that serves as a basis for comparison. Any other recs?


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  1. Frog n Snail is good, not great IMHO but be advised that Chef Levitski recently cut ties with the restaurant so they are going through a transition period and it is possible this would impact the quality of their product.

    If you like Home Bistro another venue to consider might be Wood; somewhat similar style cuisine but a good cocktail program and bit of a different vibe.

    My favorite venue in Lakeview right now is Senza - while it is a gluten free restaurant this is an outstanding place regardless if you have gluten intolerance or not (in fact I would not be surprised if they are awarded a Michelin star next month - they are that good). The head chef there (Noah Sandoval) previously was a chef at Schwa and one can see the influence in his cuisine.

    Dryhop (microbrewery with solid food for a bar) and Bar Pastoral (wine/cheese bar) are also solid options in Lakeview.

    1. Frog N Snail was hit or miss for me. I've been there twice, the first time was OK, the dish I ordered the second time I went there was kinda bland though.

      Besides the restaurants which Gonzo70 mentioned, you can try Yoshi's for a more bistro-like atmosphere or Chilam Balam for Mexican food.

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        I loved frog n snail. And I am hard to please. AND I am a bargain shopper extrordinaire to boot, using open table's 1000 pt table and a 25 dollar cert . Their food was solid, interesting, and quick. Their drinks were nice. I have been there twice and will go back.

        I agree with chilam balam too. It is a super cute tasty place, but it is cash only and small. A nice option is that it's BYOB. Wood is always nice. I was expecting more out of it, but it's fun. I am actually a fan, more for the drinks than food, of Kit Kat Lounge. The food is good, but the Martinis are terrific. A bit different than hand crafted cocktails but still nice.