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Pok Pok Cookbook anyone got theirs yet??

I pre ordered the Pok Pok Cookbook from Amazon and it was supposed to arrive today but did not:( Hoping for tomorrow anyone else get theirs today??

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  1. I saw it at Costco today. I flipped through it a little. tons of recipes, not enough pictures. we eat with our eyes first, I need to see the end product before I take up the task, but that's just my opinion.

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      Reedux, are you being sarcastic? If not, you may be thinking of another book. I'm pretty sure the Pok Pok book has a picture—most of them full-bleed—of every single dish. And only 70 recipes (they're very, very detailed). It's one of the most photo-heavy books I've seen.

    2. I haven't ordered it yet, but it's first on my wish list. I'd love to hear your opinion once you receive it.

      1. They published a cookbook ??? Does it have the wings recipe ?

        1. I ordered my copy in March and it hasn't even been shipped yet. Kind of pisses me off, I spend a TON of money on Amazon....

          1. I received mine yesterday. It has the wings recipe.

            1. According to the tracking number, mine is on that magical brown truck on it's way to my grubby mitts :D

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                I really am enjoying this book. Lots of little backstory info, I think it has plenty of pictures, and the recipes look fab. I've never been to the restaurant, so I'm anxious to crank out one of these dishes from my own kitchen!

              2. Oh great, now I'm just thinking about their wings !

                1. Bought Kindle version. Reading it now.

                  1. I got mine yesterday and I love it. He says he has at least 2 more cookbooks worth of material and I hope so, I already can't wait for his next one!

                    1. Just got my copy. Anyone cooked anything from it yet?

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                        I've cooked quite a few things from it, all of them great. Variations on the following: the duck laap, stir-fried Brussels sprouts, fried rice with pork, herbal salad, mustard greens soup, grilled pork rips with jaew, sticky rice with mango, stir-fried chicken with hot basil, cucumber salad som tam, and accompaniments/staple ingredients like plain steamed and roasted sticky rice, jasmine rice, fried shallots, etc. Details and pix are here:

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                          Thanks. It all looks good. Here's another way to cook sticky rice without a steamer...


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                            Ah! I read She Simmers religiously, but somehow missed that post. I don't have a splatter screen, did have an aluminum cake pan, so that's how it worked for me. For small quantities you could definitely also use a large sieve, too.

                      2. I have only eaten at Pok Pok once and was not impressed. Waited over an hour outside (it was summer), sat at a small rickety table and service was slow. Food, which included wings and cold hard rice, was OK but did not live up to the hype. Possibly the combination of high expectations and long waiting colored my opinion. However, I still plan to buy the cookbook (digital). The detail and descriptions should perfect for someone who has not cooked Thai food.

                        1. I noticed their current menu prices (website) have gone up since my last visit there in 2013.